Is it worth Travelling to Disneyland Paris during Covid?

We’ve been lucky that we have been able to sneak some holidays in between lockdowns and various levels of restrictions, including Disneyland Paris for half term and I know everyone wants to know is it worth Travelling to Disneyland Paris during Covid?

I want to start off by saying these are our own opinions, we were not gifted any of the things I am going to talk about so prepare for some brutal honesty!

We booked directly with Disney and this appears to have been our first mistake – the communication from them was non existent – as you will see reading through we missed out on a lot of things because we didn’t know about them – We highly recommend searching Facebook for groups before you book / travel as they were much more helpful that Disney customer service.

Testing requirements

At the time of travel (22nd October and returning 24th October) we were required to provide proof of our vaccinations (NHS app is fine) complete a french version of a passenger locator form with a declaration that we haven’t been in contact etc and a 3rd form for the hotel declaring the same

We didn’t have to do any tests to travel home but we were required to do day 2 tests – these can be lateral flow or PCR and must be booked prior to you travelling as you will need your PLF code for your passenger locator form which needs to be completed in the 48 hours before your travel back to the UK.


We were really disappointed with the departing station in London. There was very little to do (or sit!) We ended up sat on the floor. The toilets… filthy dirty, our train was only at 10.15 I can’t imagine the state of them come the evening!

We did however get bumped over to the business class security line meaning we only had to queue for a very short time which was super helpful with the kids

Unfortunately due to covid masks are required for travel for the duration of your journey, unless eating or drinking.

Its advertised you will have wifi for the entire journey. It didn’t work at all on the way to Disney but was fine on the way back. We spent a lot of time looking out the window and I was surprised how green France was, I had it my head it would be much more of a built up country than it was.

Tip: Make sure you book your seats – If you can’t have the seats you want do keep checking back I managed to book us in to 2 sets facing each other with a table in the middle but it took a few times of checking to get it – Also go to the toilet just before you arrive in Paris there are no toilets on the smaller trains and its around 90 minutes

French Underground (RER)

We were told around 10 days before we were due to travel our direct to Disney Eurostar train wouldn’t be going ahead (and all direct trains until at least March 2022 have also been cancelled) so we had to get the RER from Paris to Disneyland. This consisted of 2 different trains taking around 90 mins. Make sure you collect your tickets in London before you depart for the RER as you will need this to travel.

Everything is really well signposted and the staff were very helpful to point us in the right direction.

Again masks are required for travel for the duration of your journey, unless eating or drinking.

The girls really liked the advertising screens which thankfully kept them amused for the few minutes between trains!

It’s actually fairly straightforward once you get on the first train as when you get off to change to the 2nd train, you literally cross the platform and get on the train on the other side (and reverse this for your return)

We almost lost Holly as we were getting on to one of the trains as she got scared of the gap and several commuters grabbed her, me and our cases all at once and pulled us onto the train before the doors slammed shut! We are very grateful for their kindness and quick thinking as the doors are only open for a very short period, no time to even think!

Tip: If you are travelling with little ones, don’t give them a separate backpack or bag unless it can fit inside your bag/suitcase or you will just end up with something else you are trying not to lose or forget, oh and bring lots of snacks!

Disney Express


When we arrived at the Disneyland station, we couldn’t see the Disney express thing anywhere.

It was only by luck another guest saw us wandering round with luggage and pointed us in the right direction.

Once we did find it checking our bags in was relatively simple and we were given our passes but no information about our hotel.


When we went to collect your luggage they actually gave me someone else’s suitcases, so be sure to double check your bags and tags – luckily I spotted straight away this bright purple bag wasn’t ours!

We were also told the collection was only open from 12, which isn’t correct. The desk is open all day but the bus that collects the luggage doesn’t start till 10.30/11 so if you need to collect between 11-12 let them know so they can make sure yours is loaded first.

Disney Studios

Once we had dropped our cases off to the Disney Express we headed straight over to the Disney Studios park. Toy Story is one of the main themes over here along with other Pixar films including Ratatouille. This ride was by far the girls favourite ride of the whole trip! It’s a 3d ride and I have to say it was pretty good and realistic!

The girls wanted to meet Jessie but unfortunately the character visits are still from a distance so they had to stand on the selfie spot for their photos with the character in the background.

The queues were really short we walked onto a couple of rides and Ratatouille was a little over 20 minutes. We though that was pretty good for a Friday evening.

Hotel Shuttle Buses

The bus stops are right outside the main entrance just a short walk from both the parks. They are all really clearly marked with which hotels they go too and they are every few minutes. They stop right outside the Cheyenne hotel so they were great for us. You can walk but its around a 15-20 minute walk on top of all the walking you will do in the parks.

Hotel Cheyenne

Although we stayed at Hotel Cheyenne there are other Disney hotels you can find out more about them here

When we went to check in we were told we needed to do this at the Disney Express Desk. We said we had already been there and they said we should already know what room we are in etc (we checked the paperwork when we got to the room and we weren’t given any information on our room from the Disney Express desk)

Our room was right behind reception which was perfect for us. It was also ground floor. The room was small but we knew we wouldn’t spend much time in there anyway so wasn’t an issue. The Toy Story theming wasn’t over the top and the room was really cute.

We particularly liked that the toiletries were even themed to the room.

Chuck Wagon Cafe – Hotel Cheyenne dinner

Although we actually thought this restaurant had the better selection of food, the atmosphere is like a school dinner hall. It is absolute chaos.

If you are on a Dining Plan you have to order your drink when you arrive at the front till, you don’t even have a chance to see what they offer. When I wanted another drink – no one seemed to be sure if I could order from a waitress or if I had to go to the bar.

The ‘drink’ you get is also only a can not an actual draught glass – standard can for adults and one of those mini cans for children.

We realised it was better to order the adults drinks with the plan and the girls just drank from their water bottles as it was 4 for a can of coke!

Cheyenne Hotel Bar – Red Garter Salon

We dropped in here after dinner and its got a real buzz to it, the staff were great, the cocktails were AMAZING and there is even free wifi for the girls tablets #PeaceAtLast

The cocktails were around 10 but they were far superior to the cocktails we get at the holiday park we have our holiday home on which are similar in price. They also do teas and coffees in here if you aren’t drinking.

Cheyenne breakfast

On check in we were given a 7am breakfast slot, I forgot the time slot slip on day 1 and we didn’t even wake up till 8.30am on day 2 but they didn’t seem overly concerned thankfully.

The breakfast was a standard buffet with a mix of cooked and continental items. Lots of fruit and pastries too. Self service Fruit juices and hot drinks are also available.

Masks are required in the restaurant unless you are seated.

Tip: If you are on a dining plan double check your receipts. On our first day only me and Holly went down for breakfast but they managed to charge our cards for 4 Adults and 2 Children.

Disneyland main park

For our whole day we choose to spend the whole day in the main Disney park. It is split into different lands much like other theme parks, the weirdest thing was ‘Main Street’ is EXACTLY the same as it is in Florida so this was so bizarre walking down it.

The queues weren’t terrible the longest was maybe around half an hour so they were manageable with the girls.

I even got to have a go on the Indiana Jones Coaster in the dark which was cool, although I didn’t see it would go upside down so that was a surprise when it came about!

We did love that you could take your bags on virtually all of the rides which made getting on and off much easier than trying to climb over the carts to put things in a luggage store and then get it back out at the end.

Tip: make sure you have the app and regularly check the queue times as these really vary throughout the day, also start at the back of the park as most people start from the front

Au Chalet de la Marionnette

We didn’t have anywhere booked for lunch so we tried to find out where we could use our dining plan. This information is apparently top secret and even the staff don’t really know what you are on about?! We felt like we were the first people to ask if we could use it.

The queue was LONG but finally when we got to the till, she did know what we were talking about and we managed to get our lunches from here on our plan (or at least I presume we did and I’m not about to get a bill from Disney!)

The food was alright the service let it down but it was fine for a quickish lunch and all the meals came with a mini magnum or Olaf ice cream on a stick so the kids were happy with that!

Magic Hour

We didn’t really get to take advantage of this, you would have to be a super early riser and be so organised. None of which we are apparently. The buses were so busy there was a long queue to even get on, so walking would also be better.

Tip: Be AT the park ready for when it opens for Magic hour and head for the more popular rides – Crush’s coaster had a 2 hour queue most of the time we were there so if you want to do this one, do it early!

Disney village

Again we didn’t spend too much time here – but you will find The Earl of Sandwich which we must have had recommended to us so many times but we didn’t end up visiting due to pre booking our meals. The rain forest cafe is also in here and we dropped in to use the toilets and it looked amazing, we wished we had eaten in there!

Annettes Diner is also over in this area along with the best Giant doughnuts I have ever had it was nearly as big as my head, no pics because I was STARVING and ate it before I realised I probably should have taken a photo!

Tip: You will find Mcdonald’s over here – if you have a super fussy eater this is a good emergency back up.

Plaza gardens

We had no idea we needed to prebook places to eat, this wasn’t communicated very well at all from Disney once we booked. So getting in here was a bit of luck as they were fully booked but I was checking back everyday for cancellation. It is inside Disneyland over to the right at the end of main Street so it’s perfect for those who don’t want to leave the park to eat. It is however one of the pricier places but the quality of the food reflected this.

The staff in here, couldn’t do enough to help us out, the girls both wanted plain pasta, but all the pastas were in creamy sauces. This wasn’t a problem for the chef he went and made the girls a fresh bowl of plain pasta with no bother at all. They were also super happy that they could have a Cornetto for dessert!

Tip: If you want to book any of the restaurant that need to be pre booked, keep checking back, we only booked ours a few days before we travelled and there were tables popping up at various times as people cancelled.

Annettes Diner & Disney Springs

This is literally THE most exciting thing from the whole weekend. The staff were incredible we told them when we arrived we were really tight for time as we had to get our train and the staff were quite literally falling over themselves to get our food out, they helped us pack it up to take it away and even had our desserts boxed up ready to go for when we finished our mains.

And they did all this on ROLLER SKATES! It was so much fun, we were so sad that we didn’t really have time to appreciate how awesome this diner was (which also doesn’t need to be booked you just turn up!) If you are only going to go to one place we would highly recommend you make it this one

Tip: Arrive at the beginning of dining sessions to guarantee a table quickly – the queues build up super quick

Parent Swap / Rider Switch

For those who are familiar with Parent Swap from the UK parks, you’ll be pleased to know these do offer this is Disneyland. We didn’t end up using it as the queues were short and there wasn’t really anything the girls couldn’t go on, but if you had smaller children then it would be really useful. You can find out more here

Snacks and Shopping

Don’t forget to wrap up warm if you are coming in the winter months, we forgot Hollys gloves and it cost me 17 for a pair of Minnie mouse ones. Snacks are EVERYWHERE from Churros to Mickey mouse cookies, you’ll find stands and smaller kiosks dotted all around the park.

Before you enter the park within the train station there is a convenience store which is much cheaper than buying in the park so this is great for grabbing some bits before you get inside the park also.

So Is it worth Travelling to Disneyland Paris during Covid?

Personally, I’m going to say no, for the money we certainly didn’t get the true “Disney magic” experience, however, I have never been to Disneyland Paris previously and from speaking to other people, the magic is nothing like Floridas park during normal times too.

The park itself is manageable it’s not too big (7 km² apparently), Google tells me its roughly twice the size of Alton Towers (3.7km² – although it didn’t feel it) We only really had one full day and 2 quarter days and to be honest we pretty much did everything we wanted too. A couple of full days would probably be sufficient if you plan your days well and made the most of the magic hour and didn’t have sit down meals.

I definitely wouldn’t recommend the dining plan, it was very unwelcome stress, even if we had booked places in advance who knows what time they will want to eat in 2 months time or even what you will fancy having to eat! We are fairly confident we wouldn’t have spent as much on food as we did the dining plan, although breakfast options are limited on park so having that at your hotel, or at least before getting to the parks would be advisable.

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