It works body wraps

If you know me you’ll know I’ll try most things once or twice and the latest ‘thing’ is It works body wraps

After speaking to a few reps and being vomited on several times (see my please don’t vomit on me post!) My friend (bizzyblonde) found someone who answered our questions without either a) trying to recruit us or b) vomiting information on us!!

What is It Works

It works is a multi level marketing company based in Florida. They offer a range of weight loss / weight management systems which are sold through their system of self employed distributors around the world.

I am dubious about whether they actually do much as they do come with isntructions inlcuding – eat a balanced diet, drink 3 litres of water and get some exercise. Which to me sounds like those 3 things alone will be doing the work with the wraps just an expensive placebo!

So here they are – our it works body wraps – let’s see how we get on! And tips would be greatly appreciated ❤❤❤

Chrissy J xx

Update : Spoiler, they did nothing… Save your money and just drink your water!

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