Its Peloton delivery day!

Its been a long few weeks waiting for our Peloton delivery today ūüėć I know some people are waiting for up to 4 months but luckily we only waited for around 6 weeks

Bit disappointed that our drivers were only in a white van and not a shiny peloton van but they were lovely anyway

We were so impressed how easily it was to put together (normally they do this for you, buy you know, covid ūüôĄ)

It is also almost silent, which is great for us as we will be mainly using it when the babies are in bed

There are 2 bikes available ‚Äď the bike and bike+ ‚Äď we went for the standard one as we didn‚Äôt need to screen to swivel nor the apple watch connectivity

Browse the choices here

Although there currently isn’t any refer a friend discounts on the bike you can use our code to bag some discount on accessories at time of purchase- H3AF4J

I’m off to try it out!

ChrissyJ x

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