Bakedin baking club

For Christmas I got the girls bakedin cake and bread subscriptions so we could make things together each month without having to think about getting hold of the ingredients or having to put thought into being creative (home schooling, working from home and existing is enough for my brain to cope with at the moment!)

I also gifted my bestie and her daughter with the cake subscription as you can do this through the website, such a fabulous idea!

Our first one was a Chocolate brownie topped cookie dough cake – I’m not going to lie I was pretty excited when this landed on the doormat 😆

After Holly (3) switched the mixer on full whack distributing sugar all over the kitchen 🤦‍♀️ we quickly got through the making and popped it in the oven.

The instructions were super easy to follow, the boxes come with all the dry ingredients and tools you may need (this one had greaseproof paper and a skewer to test it is cooked through)

The recipe card also gives you the full list of ingredients so you can keep them and bake it again in the future- they even do a little folder to keep the cards in

And they were all impressed with the results 😋

If you fancy giving it a go and getting £5 off your first order check them out here

Happy baking!