Little Ondine Peelable Nail Polish – OMG!

When someone told me there was nail polish you could peel off it was like a dream come true for me! I am 1000000% a picker! haha! I love to pick and peel my nail polish off and get told off all the time about how bad it is for my nails (they’ll grow back though right?)

So to get this in my Libbie box I was a little bit excited to say the least – so I cracked open my sample (a full size bottle eeek!) the colour probably isn’t one I would pick, a sort of mushroom grey colour, I am definitely into my bright shades! But never the less I was excited to get trying it 🙂

It goes on really smooth it is quite watery and needs a REALLY good shake before you use it or it is a bit lumpy ( I guess that’s the downside of not having any chemicals to hold the texture!)  It takes 3 coats at least to get a good coverage but as its so thin it does dry quite quickly and it does not smell like nail polish at all, it has a light smell but it’s not awful or as overpowering as the standard polish smell so this is great for me as the kids never like it when mummy does her nails!

Peel off – seriously that’s it! all traces of the polish Poof! Gone! It’s some sort of witch craft I tell you…!

Here’s a quick application and removal video :

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Little Ondine’s new innovative formula cumulates the following all-in-one benefits: easy peel off, natural ingredients, odour free, dry fast.

Little Ondine is different from other nail polishes. There are a few simple manicure tips we would like you to consider to get the best out of it. Your polish should last for about a week depends on application. To remove the nail polish, just gently peel the layer off from side to side, it is that simple. It gives you the option to change your nail style whenever, wherever you like.

Little Ondine Secret is recommended to be used as a top coat for a glossier finish, or as a base coat for longer lasting results.

Nail Polish colour: Lava (Red)

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    1. Its great cos if you arent happy with it peel it off and start again 🙂 much easier than finding remover and cotton pads !

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