Lookiero Maternity launches a new range

Lookiero maternity jeans

Lookiero was one of my favourite deliveries during the lockdowns, even though I couldn’t actually go out to wear it! I’m really excited they have now launched Lookiero Maternity

If you aren’t familiar with Lookiero, it is a fashion based subscription box. You can have it Monthly, every other month, every 3 months or just on demand. A personal shopper (Mine is Kate!) goes through a series of questions of your shape, taste, likes and dislikes, you can also upload pictures and link a pinterest board. Then with all this information your personal shopper puts your box together. When you have subsequent boxes, they keep in mind what you have been sent before and try and ensure new items can also be paired with previous ones which I love!

Not just clothing

Along with clothing you can receive accessories, shoes, scarves etc a real top to toe look!

I even asked for something from one of the marketing emails and Kate make sure it was in my next box, its a real personal experience. It was a waterproof jacket and I love it, it is of course pink!

So as I said a new maternity range is really exciting as I always struggled with what to buy and I’m boring when shopping for my own clothes. I’m sure you would get some beautiful piece from Lookiero Maternity. It looks like they will have some beautiful dresses and over the bump jeans within the range. You can’t go wrong with a floaty dress over your bump!

You get 5 items in your boxes and if you decide to keep it all you get 25% off the whole box – you can of course return anything that doesn’t fit or you don’t like (I have only ever sent back 2 things – one was a silver bag and a top because it was a slightly odd fit) I’m now thinking it’s time for another box – although I will give the maternity a miss for now!

Try it out now and save £10 on your first box!*

ChrissyJ xxx

*I also receive £10 to spend on my future boxes if you choose to shop through my link – so thank you in advance!

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