Operation get fit and thin!

I’m not going to lie, I LOVE food, my social life revolves around meeting people for food and drinks and this of course means consuming calories, LOTS of calories and unfortunately those little buggars have made me fat!

I have been through most of those ‘diets’ that are out there and I’m so sure they’ve left my body weak and unable to function properly

I lost 2 stone with Slim Fast, which actually made me feel quite ‘well’ and thats when the trouble began, I joined a company which we shall refer to as Sulasiv which is famed for its ‘shake that tastes like cake’ (It doesn’t, at least not any cake I’ve ever had and I luuuuurve the cake!)

I actually only lost about 9lb with them over 6 months but appeared to drop several dress sizes (I’ve no idea why but this is another claim they make) and suddenly I started getting really poorly, like can’t get out of bed poorly and I go to the doctors explain I’ve been on this shake that is supposed to be the cure to all evil and he told me to stop IMMEDIATELY!

My hormones were all over the place my thyroid isn’t functioning right and my body has gone crazy! So fast forward 2 years I’m now 2 stone heavier and 4 dress sizes bigger and pretty flipping miserable 😢😢

So today I joined back to the gym to go with my slimming world plan to hopefully lose weight the right way and feel better not only physically but mentally too!

Part of my membership is a health MOT so I’m looking forward to that (not!) I will of course be sharing my journey from fat to fit with you all 😘😘

🍰 Current weight 169lbs 🍰

Chrissy J xx

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