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Another day.. another food subscription box – Pizza Pilgrims! This one is very specific though and unsurprisingly it is (mainly) just pizzas! This one was mainly for the kids being as I don’t actually eat pizza (well cheese actually.. cos I will have a pizza without cheese but let’s not get into that right now!)

You can order boxes for 2 or 4 people, there are 3 different subscription choices and they even have a Gluten Free option.

You can also add on some little extras including a Nutella ring, a couple of alcohol choices and a non alcoholic beer.

How does the Pizza Pilgrim Subscription work?

With each box you get 2 Pizzas kits – you can choose between weekly, fortnightly or monthly deliveries.

Pizza Purists Subscription – £23

2 x Margherita DIY Pizza Kits

Pizza Pals Subscription – £25

2 x DIY Pizza Kits – Choice of Margherita, Double Pepperoni & Spicy honey or the Monthly Chef Special.

Pizza Lovers Subscription – £30

2 x DIY Pizza Kits – Choice of Margherita, Double Pepperoni & Spicy honey or the Monthly Chef Special.
2 Pizzas of your choice in any of the Pizza Pilgrim restaurants with each shipment!

Current Pizza Pilgrims Locations : West India Quay, Shoreditch, Covent Garden, Swingers Crazy Golf City, Exmouth Market, Soho, Carnaby, London Bridge, Westfield, Victoria, Camden, Waterloo, Queensway, Oxford and Brighton opening July 2022.

I did love that they come in a proper pizza style delivery box, the presentation of the box was lovely.

Whats in a Pizza Pilgrims Kit?

Each kit contains 2 tubs of 48 hour proved dough, a tub of crushed italian tomato base, a tub of Mozzerella, homemade spicy honey, 2 types of pepperoni, fresh basil and flour for dusting.

You’ll also get a step by step instruction card to follow to make your pizzas. But if like me you prefer to watch a video you can just pop over to the website and watch a step by step video instead.

The best part is the dough is ready to go, no additional proving required. Which is the bit we struggle with because none of us have the patience for it!

Making our Pizzas

Along with having the usual recipe card within the box you can also go online and watch the step by step videos of how to make your pizza as I mentioned above. I did find this easier especially with Lottie and Holly trying to help me.

We loved that you only needed a frying pan and a grill to make them (or a Pizza oven if you have one) and it doesn’t take very long at all before you have a fresh delicious handmade pizza!

The Finished Pizzas

I think we did a really good job! Considering it was our first time making Pizzas using this kit – the girls weren’t too keen on the Pepperoni or Spicy honey so we would have been better with the plain old magherita.

I tried a bit of the (non cheesy) pizza and I thought it was pretty good!

Is the Pizza Pilgrims Box worth it?

It is pretty expensive in comparison to some of the other foodie boxes we have had, but it is also really well put together and the pizzas aren’t your average 99p value frozen pizza.

For the kids I think it was a bit of a waste as they are quite happy with the above mentioned cheap pizzas but for you and your partner or adult children then its a nice little monthly treat, especially if you are adventurous and would enjoy trying out the new recipe each month.

If you are near to one of the restaurants the Pizza Lover level is an absolute bargain as you would be getting 4 meals from each box. And for only £5 more!

I just wanted to add a quick note about their customer service too. I thought I ordered a one off box, but apparently I ordered on the subscription (whoops!) so when I had a panic that another payment had come out they were quick to respond and refund the payment for me. It was completely my fault and they didn’t have too but they did without hesitation, so 10/10 for their customer service team!

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