Planet Ice Cannock

We always let the girls choose an activity for their Birthdays – Chloe chose to go to Crazy Golf and Lottie chose to go to Planet Ice Cannock.

As there is an Ice Rink over by their cousins Rebeccas house we also took her along for the day and left Oscar with her mum.


We booked online to make sure they would have space for us, however it’s a bit misleading as the price it quotes at the beginning doesn’t include skate hire, unlike other rinks we have been too, which is an additional £2.70 per person. It’s also £2 to spectate.

Ice aids also can’t be booked in advance so we made sure to get there early so we could get one.

They do also offer slightly discounted rates for families of 3 and under 4’s.

Our Visit to Planet Ice Cannock

We arrived early to get an Ice aid for Holly. The waiting area has tables and chairs and a small snack bar (they don’t serve any full fat drinks?!)

It wasn’t overly business but there were some very good skaters who were whizzing round (which is what lead to Rebecca falling over) who weren’t considerate to others on the ice at all.

The boots are the solid plastic ones most of these ice rinks have, they are so heavy within half hour the girls had had enough and all of them were moaning their feet hurt.

First Aid Fail

Rebecca slipped on the ice and another skater caught her finger slicing it open. It was around half an inch long and pouring with blood. (who knew fingers bled so much?!)

We went to the skate collection desk and asked for a first aider. A man said he was and to follow him. When he opened the first aid room it was packed with large wood cutout props and various other bits which he had to remove before we could go in there (all the while I have a pool of blood forming in my hand cupped under Rebeccas hand!)

Once we were in he actually looked like he might be sick from the sight of all the blood, I washed it under the tap so we could actually see what the damage was and it was a pretty clean cut (so we are confident it was caused by the blade of the other skaters boot)

He didn’t know what to dress it with and offered us a standard strip plaster – I asked if he had steri strips and he handed me an alcohol wipe. I would expect this would be a common injury so am disappointed they didn’t know what they were or have them available!

I managed to dress it with a gauze pad and a bandage so we could drive to the chemist and get some steri strips to hold the skin together.

Another staff member came to us with an accident form which we completed and when I mentioned he didn’t know what he was ding she said he was the manager for the site!

Luckily a Mcdonalds made it all better!

What did Lottie think?

I really liked it and I learned to not hold onto the side there. The skates were really heavy so when you took them off your ankles would hurt. It was a very big rink and they had penguins that you could hold onto (If you need to). There was plenty of space to hold onto the wall. You are allowed to bring your own skates if you wanted. They also have ice hockey lessons and learn how to skate. We went with our cousin and she sliced her finger (tip:if you fall over put your hands in a fist so other people don’t skate over your fingers)

What did Chloe think?

I liked it and i’d give it a 6/10 because, it was very spacious.

Well our visit to was Planet Ice Cannock certainly eventful!

Not sure they will want to go again any time soon thought, perhaps we will find something warmer for her next birthday.

ChrissyJ xxx

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