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Gaz (the husband) LOVES pies. Personally I am not overly a fan. I tend to pick out the filling and bin the pastry, (mainly because my experience of pies is Tesco frozen value pies 😆) and let me tell you these pies from The Radfords Pie Company are definitely not in the same league as those!

If you are wondering where you have heard of the Radfords, they are the family off 22 kids and counting (yes thats correct and not a typo!) And the pie company is their family run business.

While watching the new season Gaz commented on how good they looked so me on the look for brownie points logged on and ordered some. I opted for a Steak Big pie pack, which consisted of 10 pies for £33.50 (individually they are £3.65) the pack contained

2x Chunky British Beef Steak
2x British Peppered Steak
2x Local Meat and Potato
2x British Steak and Mushroom
2x British Steak and Stilton

I did pop a note on to have them dispatched after a certain date as we were away and they did ship it after this 🙂

They arrived well packaged in a chilled insulated box by courier – each one is individually packed with cooking and storage instructions and a use by date. They can also be frozen which is really helpful if you buy the cheaper multipacks but can’t eat them all in a few days

The biggest first decision was which ones to keep out to eat first and which ones to freeze

As you can see the pies are a good size (Gaz has been having them for lunch on their own and said they are plenty enough to eat alone)

Steak and Stilton

The Steak and Stilton is his favourite, he said the flavour of the cheese really comes through and the consistency is perfect

Chunky Steak Pie

I tested a Chunky Steak one and was pleasantly surprised, especially not being a fan of pies, at how delicious it was, I even finished the pastry! It was perfectly cooked (no soggy bottom) and the filling was sooo good

We are going to order the chicken pack next to try those too 😋

Why not check out The Radfords Pie Company for yourself?


Let us know if you order some

ChrissyJ xxx

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