Rock Hunting – Weston & Somerset Rocks

Recently we discovered several of these painted rocks around Burnham on Sea and it’s sparked Chloes interest in going Rock Hunting!

What is Rock Hunting?

Well as the name suggest.. it’s hunting for (painted) rocks! They are hidden on public land all over the world (We found some when we were in Rhodes)

It all started in America with the Kindness Rocks Project with the idea of painting inspiring or kind messages on rocks and leaving them for others to find to help brighten their day.

Most people write on the back of them a facebook group or Social @ handle so you can tag them when you find it.

The idea is when you find it you upload a photo of it and then rehide it. Some groups want their rocks to travel as far as possible others ask that you keep them in the local area.

How do I join in with Rock Hunting?

Theres 2 ways you can get involved you can be a hunter or a hider (or of course you can be both!)

Hider : If you are creative you can paint and hide rocks yourself – or even make it into a fun activity for the kids. There’s no requirements for what you need to paint on them so be as creative as you like.

Rock hunter : Get looking! Join some Facebook groups or pages and they will give you hints on where you might find them. Of course just keep your eyes peeled when you are out and about also as you never know when you might find one.

Some of the groups we use include Somerset Rocks and Weston Super Rocks but there are loads if you search Facebook.

Rules of Rock Hunting

There aren’t many rules but some common sense should be applied

  • Stay off of private property or seek permission from property owners before leaving a rock
  • Try not to leave rocks on river banks where they may be washed away (It would be a shame for someones hard work to disappear) or in unsafe areas

Where can I hide rocks?

A really great place to stay rocks is around bases of trees and hedges. You don’t want to hide them so well people can’t find them but you also don’t want to leave them in places where they may be taken away by litter pickers.

Chloe has a great time finding new rocks around Burnham and she would love to know if you’ve ever found any rocks local to you.

ChrissyJ xxx

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