Skinny Bakery – Diet Friendly Cakes!?

Skinny bakery cakes

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I stumbled across the Skinny Bakery. Making these wild statements that they’ve created lower calorie alternative cakes, cookies and Doughnuts with 30-50 calories. Get out of here! What is this witchcraft you speak of to ease my sweet tooth?!

So I ordered them! Because this definitely comes under the you have to see it to believe it category! If someone has nailed cake at these calorie numbers they are most definitely onto a winner

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I went with a mix of some of the cake flavours along with one of the Meringue cookies – They do vary in calories but all are under 45 calories per ‘pearl’ as they call them. They also do doughnuts but they were out of stock so we couldn’t try them.

All of the products can be stored at room temperature for up to 5 days, in the fridge for up to 30 days or frozen for up to 2 months which again is super handy if you want to take advantage of the bundle offer prices but don’t want to have to eat it all quite so quickly!

The numbers

Everything I ordered from Skinny Bakery comes in at under 45 calories per cookie/pearl and I have to say you could live with just the one of some of these as they are quite sweet, perhaps 2 of some of the less sweet ones so a perfect little snack to grab if you are watching the calorie intake!

Meringue Cookies – 24 Cals per cookie

Carrot Cake – 34 Cals per pearl

Chocolate Brownies – 41 Cals per pearl

Blueberry & Vanilla – 43 Cals per pearl

Chocolate – 42 Cals per pearl

VEGAN Banana Shake – 45 Cals per pearl

Victoria – 36 Cals per pearl

VEGAN Vanilla Pearls – 44 Cals per pearl

Raspbery & Coconut – 41 Cals per pearl

Cookies & Cream – 41 Cals per pearl

Cherry Bakewell – 41 Cals per pearl

VEGAN Chocolate – 41 Cals per pearl

VEGAN Choc Orange – 42 Cals per pearl

Also available that I didn’t order – Salted Caramel, Millionaires, Carrot, Red Velvet, Chocolate Caramel, Banana & Peanut Butter, White Chocolate Doughnuts, Dark Chocolate Doughnuts and Strawberry Jam Doughnuts.

Skinny Bakery – Taste testing

So following on with the same order as above here is what we thought of them!

Meringue Cookies – OMG these were absolutely my FAVOURITE by a mile – they were just lovely, the texture was good like a slightly soft chewy cookie and the flavour was spot on – I would stock up on these for sure

Chocolate Brownies – If you gave me these and an actual chocolate brownie I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference they were delicious, I even warmed them slightly in the microwave for added melt in the mouth-ness!

Blueberry & Vanilla – Again I warmed these slightly (literally 8 seconds in the microwave!) and it just made them a bit lighter to eat, really liked these.

Chocolate – Again, as yummy as you’d expect a bit of chocolate cake to be

VEGAN Banana Shake – This one was ok, I probably wouldn’t choose it again but it was edible just not to my taste

Victoria – I have a really thing about cheese – back to my weirdness about food – so when I saw these had cream cheese in I was really hesitant to try them – and yes, I know, it’s not the same as cheese but it is still called cheese which is the problem in my head! – But actually I was pleasantly surprised that they were actually really good. Not sure I’m quite sold on the cream cheese but I could live with it for these small amounts

VEGAN Vanilla Pearls – These were a definite no for me, I couldn’t bring myself to read the ingredients because I’m such a weirdo about food but they were really thick and stodgy. Not cake like at all so a pass from me!

Raspberry & Coconut – These ones blew my mind a little, I like raspberry, I like coconut, so I was fairly confident I was going to like them. But little did I realise just how much, nor that they would taste VERY similar to one of my favourite childhood snacks – do you remember those mallow biscuits with like a biscuit base then 2 rows of mallow piped on top, with a bit of jam in the middle and then sprinkled with coconut, yeah THOSE BAD BOYS! Needless to say these ones were a winner for me!

Cookies & Cream – I didn’t actually try these as they hinted that they were Oreo flavoured so I thought I would let the mini Oreo addicts taste test them for me, which in hindsight when there are 3 of them and only 5 cake pearls this wasn’t such a great idea as apparently they WERE really good and then they were fighting over the last 2 – whoops! lesson learned, must order more next time!

Cherry Bakewell – These again were a surprise for me as I wasn’t sure whether I would like them but they were actually alright

VEGAN Chocolate – Of all the vegan ones, surprisingly this was my favourite, it was a really good chocolate flavour and the texture was much better than the Vegan Vanilla ones

VEGAN Choc Orange – The colour of these was enough to put me off, and they had a really rubbery feel, the flavour just wasn’t for me and actually the girls didn’t like them either.

Skinny Bakery Dietary Requirements

Over on the website they have categories set up for those who need / want Vegan, Dairy Free, Gluten & Dairy Free so great if you do want to quickly view what is available for you.

Overall I actually didn’t mind a couple of the Vegan ones, the meringue cookies were by far my favourite though. It’s a shame the doughnuts were out of stock when I ordered as I would be interested to see how these compared to the cake pearls, although they are only a pack of 4 and come in at 54-60 calories.

They offer Free UK delivery on orders over £40 and lot’s of the bundle packs are also going to save you some money

The packaging is also all plastic free, which on first glance doesn’t seem to be the case but the plastic looking inners are actually made using compostable plant-based PLA so that’s also good to know!

You can order online or purchase from one of the registered stockists. When ordering online you can now buy bundles which save you more money too! Click here to shop with the Skinny Bakery

ChrissyJ xxx

This post contains affiliate links where I may be paid a small commission if you choose to purchase – Thank you for supporting my blog!

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