Sweet cakes!

After a VERY lazy Saturday morning me and the bestie took a stroll into town in an attempt to get my nails sorted (girl problems hey!) And what is outside the nail salon. A cake stall. Its literally SCREAMING at me to buy one…. and who am I to ignore that inner voice… so we had cupcakes and mini cakes… hhmm a cupcake just wasn’t going to curb this sugar craving so mini cake it was… now I make cakes and I’m pretty hard to please so I’m now scrutinising this poor lad, where are you based? Do you make them yourself? Do you do it for a living? Haha I’m literally like the MI5 of customers – but he kept calm and even threw some ideas my way about ‘naked cakes’ (not as exciting as they sound btw no 50 shades moments there) so I’m now faced with the biggest decision….

Victoria sponge, red velvet, carrot cake, lemon meringue, oreo or did i go healthy with the gluten free… scrap that I NEED cake!

So cake chosen, Victoria sponge with fresh strawberries on top – er yum! It even come in a beautiful little box 🙂

Cake home – tested – I approve! So if you are local to worcester do drop in and see Ben at Sweet Cakes in the Angel Place Market 🙂

ChrissyJ xxx

Update: Ben has updated his biz name and you can find him at Bon Sucrée

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