Thank you gifts – Decorated Biscuits from Lavender Whisk

How I found Lavender whisk

If you’ve ever read my blogs before, or are friends with me on Facebook you will know I LOVE supporting small businesses. Whether its a thank you gift for someone, a birthday present for my bestie Sammie (It gets harder every year to buy for her so all suggestions are welcome it’s her birthday soon eek!) Or just a little treat for me.

Etsy is one of my favourite places and I could get lost there for hours, but I do try and find sellers web shops as I know the fees on Etsy can be just awful for your profit margins!

So talking about my bestie she runs her own business and part of that is a lovely group about creating beautiful content – I should definitely be spending more time in there learning rather than shopping but thats another story – It was in here I discovered Rebecca from Lavender Whisk!

She was looking for feedback on whether people would be interested in buying decorated biscuit and possibly buy them to be mailed direct to the recipient.

Well hello, perfect customer here! Anything that takes away a bit of work for me is a winner in my eyes
Beautiful gift – tick
Delivered direct – tick
Brownie points for me – tick!

So when she had finished collecting up ideas – she did some test boxes (one of which went to Sammie!) to check they would survive Royal Mail, we all know the machines secretly love to play football or something with anything marked delicate!

They survived and she could start offering them out to customers and when I needed 2 Thank you gifts I knew where I would be heading.

Thank you Biscuits

Now I can be your best and worst customer all in one. Being super laid back this also means I can not make a decision to save my life at times. So when I got in touch with Rebecca she was given the very vague instructions of 2 large boxes of biscuits, as a thank you to my solicitors.

Yep that was all. Told you, nightmare customer at times! I used to hate people who didn’t have something specific in mind.

But she didn’t let this stop her from creating me some beautiful gifts for my solicitors. I was blown away with how lovely these are and absolutely perfect for who I was sending them too. They too loved them which is always good to hear

I think I might have to grab myself some next time, I feel a bit left out with everyone else getting these little treats!

You can shop with Rebecca at the Lavender Whisk here – and she also has an Etsy here

ChrissyJ xxx

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