Tiktok New Feature – Extended Videos

As a massive Tiktok fan I was super excited to log in this morning and see I have been chosen to trial out a new feature before its rolled out across the platform.

I’m not sure why as I’m sure my Tiktok isn’t setting the world on fire with its content but I do love new things

This feature now allows users to upload or record videos for up to 3 minutes (Currently it only allows up to 60 seconds) so this is great for those who have alot to talk about or to showcase more products within a single video

I often run out of time because I can talk for England so this makes me super happy!

My mind is buzzing with ideas of what I can use it for, I do unboxings of subscription boxes and these tend to be 2-3 minutes so it will be perfect for that if people want to listen into those.

Can’t wait to give it a go, I’d love to know if you’ve also had this feature added what you will use it for? Or those who haven’t what would you like to use the extra time for?

ChrissyJ xxx

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