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You’ll know I am a massive fan of TopCashBack with over £1000 of cash back in total it’s not difficult to see why! And now to find out they have moved into giving cash back on more topcashback in store purchases is even more exciting.

Incase you aren’t familiar with TopCashBack it is a cash back site where you can follow their links and be rewarded with cash back. This can be paid into your bank or if you claim it via a reward partner you could get an extra 30% for free – You can find out more of this on my blog here. They are a great way for getting a little freebie when you are shopping online, if you sign up you’ll also get notifications on any offers they have running on cash back.

If you aren’t already registered with TopCashBack then you can register here*

We already use a similar cash back style with Airtime rewards where you register all your cards with them and using their secure systems they can ‘track’ your spends – I have nothing to hide, other than my deliveroo obsession so I’m totally ok with this – and it means not having to remember to open up an app before you purchase and have it scanned so your purchase is tracked.

So how does topcashback in store cashback work?

  • Log into the app
  • Go to the ‘In’store’ tab
  • Then OnCard Offers
  • Click Register my card
  • You will be taken to the website, where it will show you the current offers
  • Press the down arrow on the top right and ‘Manage’ Cards
  • Register the cards you want to use

The retailer list is pretty limited but we are sure this will soon grow as retailers jump on board. As we haven’t used it yet I don’t know whether it will be accurate (I have had to log a few missing transaction queries with airtime rewards which they resolve super quick!) so I would still keep in mind if you know a shop is on their list, to check your cash back to see if it appears.

If you aren’t already registered with TopCashBack then you can register here*

ChrissyJ xxx

*I receive a referral commission if you choose to sign up via my link – so thank you in advance if you do!

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