What Does Undiagnosed ADHD Look Like?

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Have you ever wondered why your brain feels so disorganized and noisy? Have you ever been that kid who can’t settle into an activity because there are so many other activities you could be doing, but you get those started and then you can never finish them? If so, you’re probably not alone in the many undiagnosed adults running around with ADHD in this world.

ADHD is something that can be managed, but it could also create a wide range of problems in a person’s life if it doesn’t get under control. It can be helpful, however, to understand what undiagnosed ADHD looks like, because once you understand it, you can start to reconcile your behaviors and get the help that you need.

Whether it’s medication or supportive techniques from a psychologist, there is plenty that you can learn about yourself and about ADHD that will really help you to determine where you are going in life. So let’s take a look at what undignosedADHD really looks like.

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  • You may feel restless. It’s not just about feeling restless in your home when you have activities to get done or chores to do, but it’s a restlessness in life in general. Hyperactivity is a big symptom of ADHD, and in children you can see that manifesting in inability to sit still in classroom settings or an excessive amount of talking and interrupting other people.
    They always seem to be in motion, but adults are a little different.In adults, people feel unable to relax, or they may even feel tense or anxious or constantly on edge. Of course, this does mean that you do feel like you have boundless energy and that you can get so much done, but once you do crash, you feel it.
  • Disorganization. If you are an adult with ADHD, you will often feel like you are scattered. All of that boundless energy doesn’t get you organized because you are too busy flitting from task to task and trying to hit goal after goal with no real finishing line to hit.
    You’re always looking for things that you can’t find. All your projects are always left incomplete. You have clutter in your car, at your desk, and in your home, and you can never seem to really get on top of it.Not every adult with ADHD is disorganized, of course, but it is a big sign.
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  • You lack motivation. It’s not that you want to rely on motivation to get you where you need to be, but a common sign of undiagnosed ADHD in adults is a struggle to feel motivated to get going. You’re either going to be feeling like you’re flitting from task to task, or you’re going to sit down and not have the ability to move because you’re too exhausted and too unmotivated to get going. Because you struggle with this skill, you might want to start something, but struggle to get there.It’s all wishes and hopes rather than actions and consequences.

Instead of struggling with undiagnosed ADHD, speak to a therapist if you are concerned about yourself. 

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