Wyre Forest Junior parkrun

With our normal parkrun not having the usual parking available we decided to venture off and try a new one – Wyre Forest junior parkrun.

Although Holly has done lots of parkrun’s with us, mainly when she was in the pushchair, this is only her 2nd official parkrun and Wyre Forests 127th event.

Unsurprisingly this one is located in Wyre Forest north of Worcester (around a 30 minute drive for us) and parking is available on site (£4 for 2 hours)

Parking for Wyre Forest Junior parkrun

Pre-run briefing

The pre run briefing was done which included the mention of the junior milestone bracelets which are given out when juniors have done :

11 junior parkruns – half marathon – blue wristband
21 junior parkruns – marathon – green wristband
50 junior parkruns – ultra marathon – orange wristband
100 junior parkruns – grey wristband
250 junior parkruns – yellow wristband

This is a really lovely extra for the junior parkrunners and Holly is excited to get her first one – 9 runs to go!

Thankfully the rain of the past few days held off and our pre run briefing and warm up was done without an added shower! We did arm stretches, high knees and Hollys favourite – bum kicks!

Warm up done, we all headed up to the start line and we were off with a 3, 2, 1…..GO! 

Wyre Forest junior parkrun route

The route itself is approx a one and three quarter lap through the forest. You will spot various characters from the Gruffalo trail on your way round.

The route is well marshalled and all tarmac (so no muddy shoes for us today, yay!) the volunteers all cheered the children along, even Holly who was 2nd to last finisher. She even got a high five which she was super happy about!

Wyre Forest has to be one of the most beautiful parkruns we have done (although the 5km Saturday route features a very steep hill around 3.5km and that was not so much fun!)

The weeks stats summary

Holly was one of 4 Wyre Forest junior parkrun first timers, with 12 of the 41 runners achieving a personal best (PB).

Next event: Sunday 23rd July 2023 – Events are free to attend

Thanks to this week’s volunteers

Alan KIMBER ▪️ Andrew Charles NUNNEY ▪️ Carole EVANS ▪️ Catherine O’BRIEN ▪️ Christopher HANCOX ▪️ Clare GRIFFITHS ▪️ Craig ROBINSON ▪️ David ASHBERY ▪️ David STARKIE ▪️ Deana KIMBER ▪️ Eamonn O’BRIEN ▪️ Gerald SANDERS ▪️ Graham GOOD ▪️ Helen WRATTEN ▪️ Jack WRIGHT ▪️ Jacqui WINTER ▪️ Julie GILLAM ▪️ Kerry Louise VEAR-SMYTH ▪️ Lindsay B PULLEY ▪️ Mason PRICE ▪️ Melody WILKINSON ▪️ Paul ROBERTS ▪️ Pauline SMITH ▪️ Sara NUNNEY ▪️ Sarah PRICE ▪️ Shirley THOMAS ▪️ Steve KIMBER ▪️ Yohannis KASSIE ▪️ Zoe ELKIN

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