Zizzis Vegan dishes were a hit! Trying Veganuary

​Today I went to Zizzi’s for the first time – I have always avoided it because I don’t like pizza or pasta and I don’t eat dairy for medical reasons so it really was my worst nightmare – but being as I saw on the email they had a good selection of Zizzis Vegan food AND they are running a buy one get one free offer my friend came with me in support 🙂 

We had Garlic Bread, Tuscan Potatoes (I couldn’t literally have eaten bowlfuls of these on their own they are so good!), I opted for Pizza with peppers and balsamic onions (I turned down the the vegan cheese – not going to lie it looks like sick and I don’t ‘do’ cheese anyway so really not in a rush to try fake cheese!) and my friend had Lentil Ragu

The portions were big and it was all sooooooo nice and the staff knew all about Veganuary and chatted with us about it 🙂 (Thanks Daniel!)

It is definitely getting me past the ‘vegans only eat salad’ mindset that I had when I started 🙂

They will even box up your left overs so you can take them away with you – I finished mine for dinner and it was just as good 🙂 

It has really opened my eyes to what Vegans can actually eat, it sounds very restrictive but you would be amazed at some of the things you can find which are ‘accidentally’ vegan!

If you are giving Veganuary a try I would definitely recommend giving Zizzis Vegan selection a try, it was delicious!

ChrissyJ xxx

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