4 ways to create content and increase engagement on Instagram

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Being popular on Instagram can bring many advantages, but getting popular is the hard part. It’s not as easy as just being consistent, or hoping that one of your posts is going to go viral. You need content that interests people, and you need to make use of the trends to get your posts seen. So here are 4 ways to create content and increase engagement on Instagram

You wouldn’t be alone if you felt like you were lacking inspiration. There are many content creators and influencers who struggle to find the right thing to post, and the first ones are the hardest to come up with. You have to do something special consistently to get people interested in what you’re posting.


Be creative

People like to learn, and people like to see talent in action. If you have any talents that you can show off, don’t be afraid to get started! You don’t have to be the next Mozart, but playing an instrument, or showing others things that you’re good at is a good way to get people’s attention.

Passion can make for interesting content, and you can show that through posting your talents. If you’re an artist, try posting things that you’ve drawn – show people how you draw them! A well-edited video on your process can be great for many reasons. Not only does it show others that you have the skills, but it can help people learn. Creating multiple incentives to view what you have to share.

Add music

If you’re going to upload videos, but you don’t have much to say during them, or there’s no real audio that’s vital to the video – music can be the saviour.

Whether it’s a reel that you upload or a story that you put up during the day, music can make for a much more interesting post. It makes all content easier and more pleasant to receive, especially if you pick something that appeals to the people you’re trying to interest.

Look for popular or trending sounds as these will also help increase views and visibility.

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Don’t neglect your page

If you’re never posting content, there aren’t going to be enough opportunities for people to find the things that you post. You want to cover a larger audience, and to do that you need to be posting more often so that potential followers will get the chance to see the things posted when they’re browsing Instagram.

If you’ve got a lot of content to post, it can be spammy if you post it all individually, but you can work around that. Instagram allows multiple photos to be uploaded at one time, and they’ll be put into a small album within your page. Viewers can see which posts have more than one image or video and can scroll through them upon opening the post.

Make use of hashtags

Hashtags are what you use to have others find what you’ve posted. You hashtag your posts with relevant tags so that they’ll show up when people search for those tags. If you use them right, they can prove to be very effective, and the people who are interested in your content will see it when they want to see it.

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4 ways to create content and increase engagement on Instagram

I hope I’ve given you some ideas with these 4 ways to create content and increase engagement on Instagram – as always let me know if you have any questions below or connect with me on Social Media

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