Posting to Instagram from a computer

I am SO excited about this update! Posting to Instagram from a computer is a total game changer for me.
I much prefer working on my computer / laptop and I have always found instagram is my least favourite platform as I have to do it from my phone. Well that and I am yet to reach 10k followers and bag the swipe up option but thats for another blog post!

It is just starting to be rolled out and I have noticed it is only on some of my instagram accounts. I have it on my ItsMeChrissyJ (Follow me here) but it isn’t on my OhSoBizzy (Follow me here) so hopefully it won’t be long before everyone has access to this nea feature!

All you need to do is log into instagram on your internet browser (I use Chrome on my Mac’s not sure whether this makes a difference or not!) via

And along the top bar you will find the toolbar on the top right and this now has the plus symbol (the same as the app) for you to add posts directly to your feed – Hopefully they will add the option to also uploads to stories and reels at some point, but for now it is only allowing me to upload to my grid feed.

Once you click the plus symbol you can then upload an image or drag and drop an image into the browser window to add to the post. You do seem to have to upload one image at a time but you can add multiples to the post. You can also drag them round to rearrange them once they appear underneath the uploader which is handy.

Next you can set the images dimensions / shape if you don’t want the photos original shape. You can choose from your original image shape, square 1:1, portrait 4:5 or landscape 16:9. Just select the one you want and press next in the bottom right corner.

The next page allows you to add filters and adjust the image(s) exactly as you can on the app, once you have done this again press next in the bottom right corner to continue

Lastly you need to add your caption,@ tags, any # hashtags etc. You can select a location to tag, add your alt text and even switch off commenting if you need or want too.

And post it! Ta-da! An insta post directly from your browser

I really am excited about this update to enable posting to Instagram from a computer and I know it will be a massive time saver for me being able to post to all platforms from my desktop or laptop.

ChrissyJ xxx

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