4 Wonderful Reasons To Head To The Lake District

Are you thinking about staying in the UK for your next holiday? This has become a popular choice over the last year or so, perhaps due to the pandemic. The good news is that there are plenty of incredible places to explore across Great Britain. One option would be the Lake District. If you haven’t been to this location, then you are in for an absolute treat. Here are some of the reasons why the Lake District could be the perfect place to visit on your next trip closer to home. 

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There’s Plenty Of Fantastic Places To Stay

First, it’s worth noting that the Lake District offers some truly wonderful places to stay. You’ll find a cheap hotel in Cumbria which still provides a luxurious location and the perfect base point to explore different areas of the lake district. Alternatively, you could even head camping in the Lake District. It’s a very popular destination for campers with something for everyone and some beautiful pitches that are going to be worth exploring. 

Inspiring Locations 

Whether you’re artistic or creating then the Lake District could definitely be the right option for you. The Lake District looks amazing and has a natural beauty which few other places in Britain can rival. Many poets and artists were inspired by this location including William Wordworth and Beatrix Potter. As you wander around the Lake District, you’ll see many amateurs and experienced artists painting the surrounding landscapes and seeking inspiration from the beautiful views that can be discovered in virtually every direction. 

There’s a huge cultural scene here too which means that you will be able to mingle and meet a variety of other artists while you are exploring this location yourself. 

Wonderful Places To Dine 

Are you a gastronomic adventurer? If so, then the lake district and Cumbria in general could be the perfect place for you to explore. Did you know that the Lake District is now the proud home of more than four Michelin starred restaurants? It’s true and you could. There are various unique delicacies and delicious treats to be uncovered here including the Kendal Mint Cake and the Cartmel Sticky Toffee Pudding. One of the must visit destinations is all but certainly The Wild Strawberry. This quaint little cafe provides some irresistably delicious treats that you won’t want to miss out on. 

Outdoor Excitement 

Last but certainly not least, as you would probably expect, the Lake District is home to some wonderful outdoor adventures. For instance, you might be interested in exploring wild swimming. Various research has found that wild swimming does provide significant health benefits. So, this could be the perfect option if you want to explore how a dip in cold water could benefit your body. Alternatively, the Lake District is also known as one of the key birthplaces for modern rock climbing. Whether you’re looking for a gentle slope or testing challenge, you’ll find it right here. There’s even indoor climbing centres if the weather takes a terrible turn. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the reasons why a trip to the lake district should certainly be on the agenda for next year.

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