Staycation – The great debate!

Staycation – The term I never thought would cause such debates! Our holiday home is called ‘Jones Staycation‘ because to us, holidaying in the UK is a staycation, ie staying in the country you live in.

But apparently this is not the case and many people actually say a ‘staycation’ is when you stay at home and go out for day trips rather than actually staying somewhere away from home.

As someone who works from home, this would never be any sort of holiday for us because the draw of ‘quickly just doing one thing’ turns into being lost in the office for hours on end. And that is no fun at all!

Although it is also slightly different for us because we do consider our holiday home more like our second home as we do spend most weekends there, along with the majority of the summer holidays so technically we could say we are taking day trips from our ‘home’ its just our second one, as we are very lucky to be able to have one of these!

And sometimes when the UK looks like this (on those very rare occasions we do get beautiful weather!) Then we wonder why we do go through the expense of going abroad. But when we get a week of rain, thats when we realise there is a reason right there!

Staycation – What does the dictionary say?

After a little mooch on Google I have found the Dictionary meaning, so let’s settle this debate then. The official meaning of staycation is:


  1. a holiday spent in one’s home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions.

So actually, officially it can mean either – so not settling the debate either way! So thanks for that Google

Either way we have some fabulous ideas for you if you live near to Burnham on Sea or if you are going to be enjoying a staycation locally! If you are travelling you’ll find some handy tips for managing long journeys here

And does it really matter? Who knew a word could offend so many people! Let’s just enjoy having some freedom back and spending time with our families. After all not so long ago we could only dream of leaving the house for longer than a hour, let alone travel to the beach!

Here are some great ideas if staying in the UK is what you plan on doing this year;

Butlins have 3 sites in the UK stays from £155 check out Nikki’s visit here

Burnham on Sea Haven have have stays from £99 check out our last stay here

Fancy a go at Glamping? How about Nene Park? Check out Jaymees stay here

In the South East? Check out these fabulous suggestions around Kent

Have a great day whatever you are doing and I’d love to know what a ‘staycation’ means to you

ChrissyJ xxx

Here are some of our favourite ‘Staycation’ pictures 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Staycation – The great debate!

    1. UK caravan / holiday site holidays are the perfect example of a staycation 🙂

  1. mammaprada – London – Kristie Prada is an English Wife to an Italian Husband and a Mamma to two bambini. She created Mammaprada blog to showcase tried and tested language learning resources for children and feature her favourite things from Italy and the UK.
    mammaprada says:

    I honestly thought it would mean staying in your own country but not at home. If I stayed at home I would still be doing the washing and all the usual stuff so it wouldn’t be a holiday! 🙂

    1. Yeah far too many distractions at home for it to ever be a real break

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