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I didn’t want to hog all the subscriptions to myself so thought I would treat Gaz to one. I opted for a beer subscription!

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Who are Beer52?

Beer52 was founded back in 2013 after a motorcycle road trip James Brown took with his dad in Belgium. He discovered a love for craft beer after visiting breweries along the way.

With his new found love, he set out to visit a new country each month and discover the best beers they have to offer. He was soon joined with his friend Fraser and it has grown to be the world most popular beer club!

With awards under their belt including 2017 Young Entrepreneur of The Year, Best Independent Beer Retailer 2017 and Young Entrepreneur of The Year they really are an award winning brand.

They work by partnering with small breweries to help them develop new flavours and the subscription members get to try them first!

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How does the beer subscription work?

The Beer52 Craft Beer Discovery Club (Thats what they call the Beer Subscription service) is themed each month around a different location.

Once you have signed up you’ll get a box every month with a selection of beers, with a choice of light only or mixed (We went for light only) a couple of snacks and a copy of the latest magazine.

You can also refer friends to collect points which you can swap for discount off purchases.

Whats in the box?

I ordered one of the trial boxes and this is what we got!

First up, the box is not discreet, everyone will know what is inside! It is really well packaged though with these little dividers keeping everything safe before it gets to you.

You can choose between Light beers or mixed beers and a choice of 8 or 10 beers (£27 or £32 respectively)

Our first box

You’ll find a selection of beers, relevant to the months location, snacks and a magazine.

This box had 8 beers which I can’t see anything about what the theme was for the month.

The book is really good and goes through the history and how its made etc it’s an interesting read.

Our second box

Annnnnnnd because I forgot to cancel it, we also got a second box to show you all!

So the second box included 10 beers – 9 cans and one bottle (not sure if that means its extra fancy?)

This months theme is Pennsylvania – which if you didn’t know is a US state that borders New York. With over 13 million residents it’s the 9th most populated state even though it is 33rd largest.

Bud light is the most popular beer, followed by Miller Lite, Stella, Budweiser and Heineken. There are around 350 breweries that produce around 76 different types of beer (Who knew there were even that many types?!)

This months snacks were Lightly Salted Roasted Fava Beans and Sour Cream and Chive lentil rings.

Would you recommend the Beer52 Beer Subscription?

It’s a great little subscription for the more adventurous beer drinker. Gaz wasn’t so much of a fan as he likes to stick to what he knows he likes.

If you want to give it a try save 50% on your first months subscription on the Beer52 website

ChrissyJ xxx

This post contains affiliate links where I may be paid a small commission if you choose to purchase – Thank you for supporting my blog!

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