Blackpool here we come!

Today we are off the Blackpool for the weekend. We were due to visit last October but due to the covid restrictions moving them into a tier we couldn’t travel into we had to postpone. Coincidentally we also ended up with covid the week we would have been there so wouldn’t have been able to go anyway!

We had such much planned over the week we should have been there , we’ve now had to squeeze it into a weekend as it was the only time our friends could visit before some of our return vouchers expired!

Travelling to Blackpool

Today we are travelling up, which is just a tiny 3 and a half hour drive which will no doubt be dragged out by several toilets breaks and the standard M6 traffic!

Our itinerary for the Blackpool weekend is


Travel up and drop Gaz, Chloe and Lottie to Sandcastles water park for the 12-3 session while I get to amuse Holly and Oscar. We decided against all going, mainly because I hate waterparks but also because trying to keep Oscar from drowning for 3 hours didn’t sound particularly fun. Holly won’t go on waterslides so the extra cost for us just wasn’t worth it. Depending on the weather we might go along the beach, although rain is forecast all weekend so perhaps we will hide in an arcade instead!

We have just booked the Sea Life centre while driving up too, we get it free with our Merlin passes so we may as well make the most of them while we are here

Then we need to find and check into our Air B&B for the weekend, we went for a 4 bedroom house as we are sharing with our friends and their 3 children too.


This will be the best day in my eyes – we are off to Blackpool Pleasure Beach! I have never been before so I am really excited about visiting. Rain is again, forecast all day but whats a theme park visit without a bit of rain?


Sunday we have Blackpool Zoo, our girls loved Bristol Zoo last time we visited so hopefully they will love this one too.


Now somehow this has ended up as the busiest day we are visiting – The tower, the circus, Madame Tussauds and maybe the Sea Life centre. And then of course driving home again!

I’m fairly sure I will need a holiday to get over this one! And yes we are taking a stair gate with us, Oscar is a little mountaineer and we are hoping it will fit across the stairs or in a door frame somewhere to slow him down.

I look forward to updating you all on how we get on at all these attractions.

ChrissyJ xxx

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