Byebye Sky.. Hello 3!

After being a loyal one2one, orange, Tmobile and EE customer for over 18 years (I think thats all the names they’ve had!), last November I finally changed networks when my contract was up. I switched to sky as they have some great deals on paying for the handset and sim separately. As I do like to upgrade my phone alot it made sense to do it this way.

The phone is great, Sky customer service is great, the signal however, is horrendous. Both at home and at our holiday home site, so unfortunately I have had to cancel the sim (luckily the handset is paid for separately as mentioned above!) And sign up for a sim only contract with 3. They have some really great deals at the moment and if you use TopCashBack you can get money back too!

Hopefully I might actually be able to use my phone without being connected to wifi 🙃

ChrissyJ xxx

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