Can you really make a career from Blogging?

When I first registered my WordPress account back in 2015 I had no idea where it was going to lead I certainly didn’t think I would even make a career from blogging

For the first few years I often forgot I even had a blog, using it to post about some of the most random things, rant about things that annoyed me and apparently talk about Slimming World!

But fast forward to mid pandemic 2021 and a business group I was in hosted a live with blogger who was talking about how much she earns from blogging. I was blown away that ‘normal’ people could make a living from writing! I thought it was just famous people who made the real money.

As a budding entrepreneur I was looking for something new and someone said why didn’t I focus more on blogging? Afterall we liked to travel, we have a large family and are often doing things with them so why not talk about those days out to help other people?

Finding Support on Facebook

I joined a few blogger groups on facebook and started making more of an effort with my blog writing about our days out and holidays along with my reviews of various subscription boxes (another one of my favourite things to talk about!)

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First Paid Job

I got my first ‘paid’ job through Intellifluence in September 2021 and it was onwards and upwards from there! We hadn’t long purchased our first house together and it was a job to write around our experience of buying a house.

I have been learning more about SEO , content, Alt text and Anchor texts and perfecting my skills. Doing all the things that I thought I would need to know but no more job offers came in.

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Imposter Syndrome

Then I started to doubt myself and whether this was really for me. Did people really want to read about us? After all I’m no celebrity!

But I carried on writing and started to see some posts performing better on google and my Domain Authority working it’s way up and I slowly got the confidence back to start applying for jobs again.

DA score over time

Our First Paid Day Out

After applying for some jobs on various platforms I finally got accepted for a paid visit to an attraction in Wales!

We had an amazing day out and felt like celebrities when everyone knew who we were and were expecting us, this really boosted me back up into wanting to carry on writing.

The Next 12 Months

I’m going to just keep focusing on creating content that people want to read! I love to write and people do often tell me how much they enjoy reading about our adventures.

I have already achieved more views and visitors in 2022 than I did in 2021 so the progress is starting to show

I also find reading stories from other creators such as Katie Corio who is a Personal trainer and sports nutrionist who helps promote physical well-being, and inspire others to maintain a happy and healthy outlook on life can really help me when I’m having doubts.

I hope you have found some motivation if you are looking to start your own career from blogging!

As always my comments section is open for any questions you have

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