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The Ritz Cinema Burnham on Sea has to be literally one of the most cutest places you can visit in Burnham. It was originally opened in 1936 by screen star Binnie Hales and is located on Victoria Street.

It closed for some time and reopened in 2004 with further refurbishment in 2014 to add new projectors and a third screen and is one of the few independent cinemas still around.

We have visited a few times now and always have a really great experience. Gaz took them all to see the newest Toy Story film and I took the girls to see Peter Rabbit 2 and then all 4 of us went to see The Bad Guys (Which was so funny even for us big kids!)

Where is The Ritz Cinema Burnham On Sea?

Located on Victoria Street next door to the Ritz Social Club you’ll find the entrance to the cinema. The entrance is small you can easily miss it if you aren’t looking for it. We didn’t even know there was a cinema in Burnham for the first few years we were here.

Full Address;
The Ritz Cinema
24 Victoria Street
01278 794123

What 3 Words Location : ///boards.giant.wires

Unfortunately all the screens are up several flights of stairs so access is limited. You will find toilets on the 1st floor.

Updated Signage

How do I book at the Ritz Cinema?

You can book online directly through the Ritz Cinema website or you can book when you arrive. I prefer to book online so I can choose where we are going to sit.

The website is pretty basic but it works great for bookings, you can choose your seat from the little seat maps (shown below) We always sit at the back, the screens are so small there are no bad seats but I like to be near the exit for ease of slipping out for all the toilet breaks 4 children need!

How many screens does the Ritz Cinema have?

Screen 1 has 115 seats (We have only ever been in this screen!). Screen 2 has 85 seats and the newest Screen 3 has 72 seats.

The seats are beautiful old fashion padded flip up seats. You can also grab booster seats for the little ones on the way in if you need them.

How much are tickets at The Ritz?

Cinema tickets are just £4 each for both adults and children, which is a big saving for us in comparison to the odeon cinema which is £6 each and the Vue which is £7.49!

We love that the tickets are a single price no matter who is going, what time or what film! For all 5 of us it was only £20 which is a bargain for something for them to all do together, well until I let them loose on the snacks anyway…

Food at The Ritz

You’ll find a very well stocked Confectionery stand on the 2nd floor. With a selection of sweets, drinks, popcorn and alcohol!

The girls always go for the bags of Haribo, Chocolate and of course Popcorn! The prices are really resonable (We paid almost £10 for a Popcorn and Coke at our local chain cinema!) It cost around £12 for all our snacks.

These were the prices when we visited in June 2021 so they may have changed since

Once you are in your screen you will also get a real old fashion ice cream seller come around. The kids love this when they come round with their little tray (Which Google tells me is called an Usherette tray) with their selection of Ice Cream – If you can’t find the spoon its tucked inside the lid.

This was Oscars first visit to the cinema and it was all a bit to much for him. He was fast asleep within 10 minutes of the film starting and I had to watch the whole film with his sleepy sweaty self on my lap. Thank god for air conditioning!

I hope if you are ever in Burnham On Sea you find time to pay them a visit as it really is a valuable part of our community.

You can follow The Ritz on Facebook where they share all the news and updates on all the latest films they are/will be showing.

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