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After reviewing the Teddy Eva Scents box, I really wanted to find another box to compare and as I received a Sassy Shop product in my Business Box I thought it was a good one to try! (And next month I will do a straight head to head on the boxes!)

Who are Sassy Shop?

Founded in 2017 by Keely from her home Kitchen in Bristol. Keely grew her business alongside her full time job in recruitment.

By 2019 she had far outgrown her family kitchen and moved into premises nearby.

In 2020 her team had grown to over 20 employees and a 5000 Sq ft commercial workspace.

With over 500 different scents available is easy to see why they needed to expand their workspace so much!

Here’s where you can find the website for Sassy Shop

How does the subscription work?

You can sign up for a monthly rolling subscription where you will pay £23.80 each month until you cancel or you can choose to pay upfront with either a 6 months subscription for £130.80 (making it £21.80 per month) or 12 months for £240 (making it £20 per month)

As I mention on the video they don’t have a monthly ‘theme’ like many boxes do they just offer their subscription box as ‘Monthly Scent Discovery’ to help you explore the scents they do.

With over 500 different scents available it’s a great way to try things you might not have chosen and help you find new favourites.

The box also includes exclusive scents and products that aren’t available to buy.

Ordering problems

So on to my order – this was not a straightforward order – The ‘my account’ section and the ‘subscription order’ section are 2 different accounts. And its not clear on the ‘my account’ section how to get to the subscription part. So when my order hadn’t arrived after 3 weeks it took me a while to even find confirmation I had placed one!

I eventually found it – You have to click onto the subscription tab, find the banner at the bottom and then log into subbly. Which is fine once you know where to find it, but for a first time user it’s not so easy!

So onto the problems I had..

I signed up to the subscription box on 17th June and a payment was taken straight away, as I would expect. Then another payment was taken on 2nd July as the subscription payments are taken around the first so I had expected this to come out.

But by the 6th July I still hadn’t receieved anything at all! So I wasn’t sure if I had done something wrong during signup perhaps? So I emailed them to find out what was going on.

They came back to me the next day to confirm I hadn’t done anything wrong and the 2nd payment was for the nexts months subscription as I expected. However they said boxes all go out on the 28th of the month, which I find a bit strange as it doesn’t give anyone chance to show off their boxes to encourage others to buy? But anyway I digress.

Either way, my box hadn’t been dispatched due to a ‘glitch’ and they confirmed it would be sent out Royal Mail 48 which it was and I receieved it on 9th July. They also sent me a £5 voucher for the trouble which was a nice surprise.

So 10/10 Sassy Shop for your customer service which is a big winner for a business in my eyes.

So whats in the Sassy Shop Subscription Box?

Rose Wonderland – Whipped Soap

115g – RRP £8.50 – Vegan – Palm Oil Free – Cruelty Free

The packaging states: This fresh and crisp scent is infused with cotton blossoms and floral notes with a warm touch of musk – similar to a popular fabric conditioner.

Now I have read that I do get the similarity to a Lenor fabric conditioner and I don’t dislike it as much as I normally would something that was ‘Rose’ fragranced.

The texture is like a thick creamy mousse and it is filled with biodegrable glitter too.

Deep Love – Wax Melt

50g – RRP £3.50 – Vegan – Cruelty Free

The packaging states: A sweet and clean aroma with creamy vanilla and tuberose sweetened by candyfloss and sweet sugar. 

I think this one is my favourite out of this box. Firstly it’s pink and secondly it contains glitter. So I am sold! The fragrance actually really reminds me of my Viktor and Rolf perfume BonBon.

It does say on the front this is a subscription box limited design but it is available on the website so not sure if it’s been in a box previously as an exclusive and has now been added into the scent list but either way I love it!

Vanilla Bourbon – Wax Melt

50g – RRP £3.50 – Vegan – Cruelty Free

The packaging states: Sweet and Creamy vanilla mingles with dark and smokey bourbon on a rich seductive frangrance with caramel undertones.

I’m sure they mean the alcohol Bourbon however all I can smell is Bourbon biscuits (or maybe they do smell the same? I have never actually smelt bourbon alcohol! I’m sure someone can tell me!?)

This is probably my 2nd favourite – Bourbon biscuits are my absolute favourite and it smells deliciously sweet.

Butterfly – Wax Melt

50g – RRP £3.50 – Vegan – Cruelty Free

The packaging states: An intoxicating summer scent with creamy vanilla, loaded with juicy fruits, voluminous pink peony and mouth-watering mandarin.

The Butterfly scent I’d have to say is the most delicate of the ones I receieved. The label is super pretty with all the bright colourful butterfly print but I really can’t pick out what it smells like.

It’s pleasant and not overwhelming so would be a lovely scent to have filling in your home.

Sassy Romance – Wax Melt

50g – RRP £3.50 – Box exclusive not available online

The packaging states: A sassy exclusive, deep girly perfume with orange blossom, jasmine, madagascan vanilla and sensual Oudh.

I really am not keen on this scent at all, I actually think it’s very masculine and I did a google of what Oudh is (as I have never heard of it) The smell is smooth, Earthy, precious woody, incensey, beet-like, slightly smokey, barnyard musky leathery tobacco sweet ambery.

I’d definitely agree it has an earthy smell to it and I think I will be passing this one on for someone else to enjoy!

French Lavender – Fragrance Oil

10ml – RRP £5.50 – Box exclusive not available online

The packaging states: Super strong french lavender with fresh minty top notes, on a nostalgic woody base with tonka and pine.

As I said on the video, Lavender is not on of my favourites so I didn’t brave smelling this one and it will be added to my gifting pile!

Berry Cider – Lip Balm

5g – RRP TBC – Box exclusive not available online until 22nd July

I can’t find much information on this fragrance or product yet as they aren’t on the website but they have sent an email out today to say they are new and will go live today at 7.30pm (22nd July) so I will update this when they go live!

It glides on lovely and isn’t sticky at all, it doesn’t really have any taste to it either which is good otherwise I just end up licking it all off anyway.

Total RRP of the box is £28 (plus lipbalm)

Is the Sassy Shop Box worth it?

The total RRP of the box is £28 + the lipbalm which doesn’t have any pricing availble. As I have only signed up on a rolling monthly subscription the box cost was £23.80.

This isn’t a massive saving on the RRP. However as they are an independent I think it’s pretty good value for a subscription style box.

If you would like to give it a try, or even just try some of the products above you can find out more over on Sassy Shop

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