Wax Melt Subscriptions – Battle of the Boxes

I do love a good head to head battle and I thought we would move away from clothing and give the Wax Melt Subscriptions a go!

I ordered both a Teddy Eva Scents box and the Sassy Was Shop Wax Melt Subscriptions to compare what you get for the cost.

Teddy Eva Scents

You will have seen I’ve had a few boxes from Teddy Eva Scents previously and this month the subscription was themed around the favourite scents of Ross, Rachel, Jenny and Kathryn.

The Teddy Eva Scents box is purely Wax melts, with some sweet treats thrown in so is much more targeted to those who only want wax melts.

Cost : £17.99 Including Postage
RRP £21.96 + Sweets (Approx 18% saving)
Includes 400g of wax melts (x4 fragrances)

You can get this over on the Teddy Eva Scents website

This months box came with a bag of Haribo Tangfastics and a grab bag of Munchies, both of which the kids stole the second they spotted them and I didn’t get a look in. Must remember to unbox away from prying eyes next time!

Ross – Hundred Acre Wood

Although I don’t think I could give you a definitive answer as to what this one smells like it’s really nice.

Official fragrance notes : Citrus notes, the sweetness of honey, then sandalwood, amber, tonka bean and patchouli.

Rachel – Raindrops and Rosemary

I think this one does have that sort of outdoors after the rain sort of smell to it. It’s quite subtle so not sure how much scent it would throw when it was melting.

Official fragrance notes : This one is no longer available so we will have to stay guessing what it smells like!

Jenny – Dark Plum and Rhubarb

This one literally smells like my sweaty teenager. Think I’ll be passing this one on!

Official fragrance notes : A proper sweet fruity wax melt. It has that sweetness of the plums and the rhubarb, but also other fruity “notes” like peach and pear

Kathryn – Avobath

I couldn’t really tell what this one smells of, there was a scent but it wasn’t obvious what it was.

Official fragrance notes : this one has a “fizzy” smell to it. It’s supposed to smell of avocado – hence the name “Avo” – but I don’t really smell avocado. 

Sassy Shop Wax

The Sassy Shop Wax subscription box is much more varied than the Teddy Eva Scants one. I originally heard about them when I got one of the whipped soaps in my Business Box.

Cost : £23.80 Including Postage
RRP £35.47 (Approx 33% Saving)
Includes 175g of wax melts (x3 fragrances)

You can grab this box over on the Sassy Shop Wax website

Wax Melts

In this box there are 3 pots of wax melts

Strawberry Frozen Cocktail
As expected this one smells like strawberries!

Official fragrance notes : A Crushed bed of Strawberries with a dash of vodka and fresh ice, topped with a sweet sherbert.

Cotton Baby
This one just smells clean, no real obvious scent to it.

Official fragrance notes : A super strong and delivate fragrance with soft rose and lily of the valley combining with notes of cool cotton.

Midnight Unicorn
I like the smell of this one, I think it mainly smells of vanilla marshmallow.

Official fragrance notes : A sweet perfume with top notes of fizzy sherbert, raspberry and marshmallow, middle notes of lavender and vanilla on a musky base of preciouswoods and caramel

RRP £3.50 each

Whipped Soap – Seaside Champagne

This smells like damp sand, not my favourite but I’m sure Lottie will use it.

RRP £8.99

Official fragrance notes : A sweet marine fragrance with notes of sparkling citrus, pink champagne and nectarine, intertwined with florals on sugared musk.

3 in 1 Body Wash – Raspberry Lemonade

This can be used as a body wash, hand soap or bubble bath, hence the 3 in 1! Unfortunately it had leaked a bit so everything is a bit sticky. Luckily it smells quite nice!

RRP £6.99

Official fragrance notes : A powerful scent with raspberries in a sweet summer lemonade

Whiskey and Cola Lip Balm

I already have one of the Sassy Was Shop lip balms from a previous box and they are quite nice. They don’t really smell of anything though.

RRP £3.99

Sassy Shop Wax Cosmetics Bag

This is quite a roomy cosmetics bag with a zip across the top.

RRP £5


I didn’t realise quite how different these Wax Melt Subscriptions boxes would be! The Teddy Eva Scent box really is for Wax melt lovers and the Sassy box is more varied with a bit of everything. I def think you could get away with treating yourself to both each month.

I do love following Ross and Rachel over on TikTok too so go check them out and you will find Sassy Shop Wax on there also.

ChrissyJ xxx

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