Teddy Eva Scents Subscription Box

I love finding a new subscription box and this one is no exception. I am really excited to try out the Teddy Eva Scents monthly subscription service

If you are on Tiktok you will likely have come across Ross and Rachel (No not that Ross and Rachel Sorry!) at some point. And if you haven’t then I recommend you head over to Tiktok and find them here

Who are Teddy Eva Scents?

Teddy Eva Scents is a small family run business and was founded back at the beginning on 2020. Originally started up as a side business selling wax melts.

Ross continued to work before leaving his Royal Mail job after 10 years in January 2021 to concetrate on Teddy Eva Scents full time with Rachel alongside caring for their 3 children – Teddy, Isabelle and Archie – who often feature on the channel too.

They now have a huge Tiktok following with over 70k followers and 2.2 million likes and they have expanded the range to include reed diffusers, a small wax burner selection, ‘cockshells‘ (wax melts with a naughty twist) and other naughty adult gifts (100% NSFW and 18+ only for that link!!) alongside the current best sellers.

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You can find them on Tiktok here and should give them a follow.

Teddy Eva Scents Products

All of the Teddy Eva Scents wax melts are made with 100% soy wax mixed with coloured mica powders.

They do not test their products on animals and all the ingredients they use are vegan and cruelty-free.

They also use Fully recyclable PET plastic for their clamshells which can be recycled via your household recycling.

Whats in a Teddy Eva Scents Subscription box?

The theme of the box I received was ‘The Seaside’ themed box which is great for me as I love the beach!

The card that is on top of the box when you open it is a really lovely touch. It definitely set’s it apart from some of the more mass produced boxes I receieve that no longer have any sort of card inside.

It does tell me what would be included in the box though so let’s get into it…

Sweet treats

Lets start with the added extras.. Who doesn’t love a few sweet treats? To stick with the theming of a Beach / Seaside box we couldn’t have anything else really!

With a bag of Clotted Cream Fudge, a giant rainbow lolly and a stick of Ice Cream flavoured rock, (because an actual Ice Cream might have been a bit messy) we have a real trio of seaside favourites to enjoy.

Underneath buried in blue and yellow shredded paper we get down to what the box is really all about.. the wax melts!

Candy Floss XL Clamshell RRP £5.49

I’m fairly sure this is the one I could smell as soon as I opened the box! It smells amazing, it is of course my favourite colour too! And the branded clamshell melts packaging is really cute too.

Raspberry Ripple XL Clamshell RRP £5.49

This one also smells good enough to eat! (But don’t do that, it’s for melting not eating!)

With a mix of yellow and pink just like the ice cream this one really brings back memories of ice creams after school in the summer.

Day At The Beach XL Clamshell RRP £5.49

So this one I couldn’t really place what it smells like – This is the only one I have melted so far and I still don’t think I could tell you exactly what it smelt like!

The smell is pleasant but I grabbed the description off the website just to see what it said about it;

If you happen to like the smell of sand mixed with coconuts and sun tan lotion and ourdoorsiness… then this wax melt might be for you!

And once you read that you can perhaps get a hint of coconut but I’d go with it mainly being an ‘outdoors’ smell.

I did throw this one in my burner to see whether it throws out a different scent when it melts but it smells exactly the same and I really didn’t need to melt 2 at once! But look how pretty is it as it melts down, so shimmery!

Sea Breeze XL Clamshell RRP £5.49

Sea Breeze is a really lightly scented wax melt – designed to mimic the salty sea breeze smell.

It is a really delicate light scent, just like the Sea breeze I guess!

And I love that they have used an image of Isabelle’s footprints in the sand – so cute!

TOTAL RRP : £21.96 (for the actual wax melts) plus you get the added sweet treats in the box. The box costs £17.99 so I think this is fabulous value from an independant.

Each clamshell is around 100g so you are getting 400g of wax melts in total.

You can order this months ‘Fruity’ box here for just £17.99 with no minimum subscription, cancel at any time.

Teddy Eva Scents Summary

I love the contents of this box, it’s really cute with the themeing being carried right through the box from the wax melt scents, the extras and even the internal packaging.

Oh and definitely join the mailing list so you can be treated to these sort of delights in your inbox (Team Rachel BTW Sorry Ross!) You can also follow them on Instagram and Facebook

Let me know if you sign up and tag me in your boxes when they arrive so I can see what you have got

Thats all for now, I’m off to unbox the dozen subscription boxes I uncovered last night when clearing out my office – whoops!

ChrissyJ xxx

This box was gifted to me from Teddy Eva Scents – All opinions are my own and I was not paid for this review

And here’s the full video unboxing on my YouTube channel 🙂

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