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I love learning. In fact I would happily go to college or uni for the rest of my life. I know not everyone feels that way but I really do! I have always been interested in web design and if you know me you’ll know making websites is one of my favourite hobbies. So I started looking for coding for beginners courses.

When I came across SheCodes it was exactly what I was looking for.


I signed up for a free short class with SheCodes and online training platform designed for women. ir has been designed by Matt Delac and has 4 different levels of training available. Naturally I had to have to ‘all in’ React package because you can never know too much!

SheCodes Basics Course

After doing the free session I got started on the coding for beginners ‘Basics’ course which consisted of learning about HTML, CSS and Java Script and what they all do.

Along the way we built 2 different mini sites – one about a hobby and one about you. I chose to talk about geocaching as I thought this was something interesting to talk about.

The course consists of step by step videos you can watch in your own time (although you do have a homework ‘deadline’). I liked that I could watch the videos as quickly or as slowly as I needed or even rewatch them as many times as I wanted and then submit my homework.

Your homework is then marked and you get an email to confirm your solution is ‘valid’ or if it needs improvement.

SheCodes also offer a very active Slack community where you can ask for help along with the newly launched Athena AI assistant. This can help you with code releated queries which is a pretty fancy little gadget to have.

I created a basic site about Geocaching. It also had the function to view it in light or dark colours (shown below!) This was made completely with code, no drag and drop in sight.

SheCodes Plus

I have just finished my SheCodes Plus course which takes you through more advanced JavaScript coding.

In this course you will develop your veyr own (working!) weather application. It was pretty overwhelming at first to think I was going to be able to build this is such a short time but Matt’s videos are great.

As I mentioned previously you can also reach out for help on the Slack boards if you need it. (there is a dedicated board for each week too so you know you’ll be asking the right people!)

I had to use the boards a couple of times and was so grateful when people replied so quickly to help me out.

Here is my weather app 🙂 You can try it out for yourself here


Each course has a certificate which you can add to your LinkedIn directly from the SheCodes website when you finish each course.

SheCodes Responsive & React

The next course is SheCodes responsive. This includes more practice with the skills from the previous courses but adding flexbox and responsive into the mix.

Lastly will be SheCodes react where we will use more api’s and start using React for the first time.

I am excited to get through the next couple of courses and put all my new skills to the test by updating my website (and blog!)

I’d love to answer your questions! Feel free to ask in the comments or drop me a message on my socials below.

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ChrissyJ xxx

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