Half Term Holiday fun – Its Geocaching time!

So, with the half term here and a 4 day weekend – it was time to keep the kids amused! Luckily the weather was on my side and with only a couple of short showers we managed to get out geocaching for most of Saturday and Sunday

For those who haven’t heard of Geocaching, it’s basically treasure hunting – you look for ‘caches’ other people have hidden. Some are easier than others, some have interesting contents others just hold a small paper log for you to sign to show you found it. Our friend even found one that was located at the top of a hill with a small kite in so you could fly the kite before returning it for the next geocacher to find – amazing!

You’ll be surprised how many are hidden at places you often visit! You’ve probably walked right past people searching for them and not even noticed. It is also not only in the UK they are hidden worldwide, we found one in Portugal when we were on holiday

It is free but you can pay to upgrade to open up more Caches and other functions on the app – It is definitely worth the upgrade if you are going to do it on a regular basis! There are some really good puzzles series caches that are a collection of clues before eventually find the treasure on the final one. You can also get puzzle coordinate ones where you have to solve the clues to find the coordinates – there is a good one in Worcester (Rushwick) we tried and failed to complete it so we do need to revisit when we can

Finding this weekends caches included crosses the locks over the canal, traipsing through muddle puddles and avoiding golfers on the golf course but the girls loved it and I managed to do over 15000 steps in the process!

You can find more information or join here : https://www.geocaching.com

Micro magnetic geocache we found at diglis lock bridge - itsmechrissyj
Geocache we found along the river severn by the lock keepers hut
geocache we found near to diglis avenue

ChrissyJ xxx

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