Diddly Squat Farm Shop

With negative covid tests all round the girls are back to school today so we thought we would grab our chance to visit Jeremy Clarksons Diddly squat farm shop down in Chaddlington Chipping Norton.It’s recently been all over the news and social media following on from his hugely popular series on Amazon – Clarkson’s Farm (Not got Amazon Prime? Grab a 30 day free trial here)There are currently 8 episodes available to stream and although I am not overly a Clarkson fan I found it an easy watch that was actually quite good! My husband on the other hand would watch Top Gear on loop for the rest of his days.

Diddly Squat Farm Shop

We arrived at the shop just after 10 and the queue was already estimated at over 3 hours- eek!

He seems to have improved the car park somewhat since filming ended (if you have watched it you’ll know Kaleb was having to drag people out the mud!)On site there is the main farm shop, a smaller pop up shop, mainly selling the merchandise, a bar and burger van and some of the shakiest toilets I’ve ever had the displeasure of visiting!

The visit

The toilets are located round the back of the barn structure, 4 portaloos on a metal step structure. It was like peeing on a boat in a storm 😆 But anyway we didn’t come to visit the toilets but just be warned, they also don’t have running water in the sink just alcohol gel. The toilets are also up 2 steps.The main shop is located at the front as you arrive with the smaller pop up just outside under a gazebo. They have 2 separate queues with the pop up having a small 40-50 minute queue but it does only stock the merchandise honey and eggs from what we could see.

Round the back you’ll find the bar, burger van and seating area. If there are 2 of you get one to get in the queue and the other to grab food, they give you a buzzer so you don’t have to just stand and wait for it.

Long queues

90 minutes in and we aren’t quite half way through the queue. Thankfully the weather is on our side and its breezy but warm. Considering its a Thursday morning in term time its pretty busy

Gaz was in charge of finding food and he did good! Bacon and sausage for me, bacon sausage and egg for him. Although at £16.25 for these and 2 cans of coke it isn’t a cheap snack, but it was really good. The food is provided by Baste you can find them on Facebook highly recommend their food!

The main shop itself is still limited to 2 households at a time but hopefully with the restrictions relaxing on Monday wait times should be shorter!

Its now almost 2 hours in and we are still about 50 households away from the front. There are now also queues of people on the lanes waiting to get in and they’ve adjusted the sign to say its now around a 4 hour wait eek!Kaleb made a flying visit while we were in the queue, briefly pausing to wave from his car – cue a flurry of excitement but he was gone in a flash, back to work, I’m sure!

2 hours 20 minutes in

They’ve now closed the queue for the main shop and noone else can join. The pop up shop queue is still open but now says approx a 2 hour wait. So if you are thinking of visiting it looks like you would need to get here early for the main shop.Note to self: bring a camping chair next time, my backs killing me!

3 hrs 30 in

We’ve had to leave after 3 and a half hours of waiting as we have to get back for the school run. There were still more than 15 groups in front of us so it likely would have run into over 4 and a half hours!As we were leaving they were also closing the pop up shop queue (around 1.50pm)

We will have to try again when we aren’t so tight on time. I wonder how many calories standing for almost 4 hours burns?You’ll find the farm shop at

5-12 Chipping Norton Rd, Chadlington, Chipping Norton OX7 3PEDiddly Squat Farm Shop opening hours:
Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday
9.30am to 4.30pmIf you join their mailing list via the website you’ll get a 10% off voucher to shop onlineAnd on what three words///tight.prance.gossipingIf you visit I hope you have a great time and let us know what you get or celebs you spot!

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