Modibodi Period Pants Review

I know people don’t like talking about periods, but I don’t know why, they are perfectly natural and we (nearly) all have them! But if you are one of those people, this probably isn’t the post for you as I will be describing in some detail my experience with Modibodi period pants….

So hey if you are still here! If you are one of the many, like me, who have horrible painful heavy periods then you will join me in the excitement of finding Modibodi period pants (they are also suitable for those with bladder weakness)

I did find the shorts were smaller in sizing than the brief even though I ordered the same size in both so I think I may need to lose a couple more lbs to squeeze into them a bit more comfortably. But the high waist briefs were super comfortable.
Although on first look, I did think they may feel bulky to wear, I was pleasantly surprised that they weren’t at all

If you use pads you will be all too familiar with that uncomfortableness if it moves out of place and the fear of leaking (yes at 36 years of age I still can not get the correct placement of my pad), but you won’t have any of these worries wearing these. I also found they are very absorbent, and quickly, which was another worry that it would be uncomfortable but they really were great.

modibodi period and bladder leak protection underwear

My main struggle is night-time because unfortunately gravity isn’t my friend when in bed! I wore the brief overnight and even though I was aware of heavy my flow, due to the design there were no leaks! Amazing 🙌🙌

But how do Modibodi products work?

Here is a little video from Modibodi to show how they work – although it shows her rinsing them in the sink, I chucked mine in the bath while I had a shower and they rinsed off just fine before I threw them in the washing machine

Modibodi period and bladder leak underwear high waist brief and shorts

More than just a pair of pants…

But ModiBodi don’t only do underwear, they also do a Maternity range, Sleepwear, Swimwear, Activewear, they have a curvy range (up to a size 26 – hurrah!) and even do bundle packs which are even better value.

They also do carry bags for you to carry spare pairs and they are waterproof so you can also store your used pairs if you need too. They also have a teen range, including a period starter pack (we have 3 girls so I guess we will need one of these soon!) There is even a men’s range for incontinence.

I did go for plain black but there are lots of beautiful designs to choose from, I’m just boring. They also have different absorbency levels to choose from so you really can find the perfect pair for your body.

modibodi swimwear and briefs

Although there is an initial cost to get started, the savings from not buying sanitary products will quickly add up. Using up to 4 packs of sanitary towels & a whole box of tampons in a cycle if it is really bad which probably isn’t far off the cost of a pair of briefs.

I have 2 and will now be ordering some more so within just a few months they will have paid for themselves and they are of course much better for the environment (every little helps on both of these topics!)

I hope you have found this useful and if you do want to try them you can bag yourself a £15 discount by using my referral code here 🙂 I’d love to hear how you get on with them!

ChrissyJ xxx

If you choose to use my link I will also receive a referral commission if you purchase so thank you in advance for this 🙂

Let me know your thoughts!