FabFitFun Autumn Box

This is my 4th box and I have to say it was my most disappointing choice wise the FabFitFun Autumn box is definitely my least favourite from the 4 I have had.

As a UK subscriber we don’t actually get all the same options as the US customers, nor the freebies (a travel Dove deodorant and a Heineken alcohol free beer sample) Fortunately my add ons made up for it!

This was the full list of options available (in the US) and here is what I chose

Golden Rabbit Dutch Oven – Option 1 – RRP $44 / £32

I went with the Dutch oven. I can not say this without laughing. If you don’t know, go google it and check the Urban Dictionary. You. Are. Welcome.

But anyway I went with this as it looked cute and the perfect size if I am just making something for me and Gaz.

Its from Golden Rabbit and is stainless steel with a carbon steel interior and a fused porcelain finish.

Its super light and dishwasher safe, fabfitfun also added some recipes to their blog. There are also recipes for Gluten Free Warm Apple Crumble and Spicy Noodles in the enclosed booklet.

Cloudnola Block Clock – Option 2 – $45 / £33

I really wanted the Coach jewellery set, but this wasn’t available in the UK. The candle sounded like it would be cinnamon based (it was called something spice) so that was a no too.

So I went with the clock. I don’t actually have a bedside clock at the moment so that’s what I went with.

It’s smaller than I expected but its quite cute. You can set it to cycle through the time, date and temperature, or just display the time. It also had an alarm function.

Camp Gladiator Jump Rope – Option 3 – RRP $197 / £143

I really wanted the backpack.. but again it wasn’t available to the UK subscribers so I went with the Jump / Skipping rope. It does come with a 3 month online subscription so I will give that a go.

In the booklet there is a 5 minute warm up sequence and a brief description of jump rope styles.

FRYE Bamboo Boot Socks – Option 4 – $24 / £17.50

This choice really was just between the hat and the socks. But as I have just had several ponyback hats I went with the socks.

I am hoping they will be long enough for my wellies in the winter

Food trivia game – Option 5 – $25 / £18

I really was stumped for this option. I originally got this box as I wanted to try a box that was less make up / skincare but this whole option was exactly that other than the game.

So that’s what I chose and it will be going down the caravan.

Fekkai Hair Set – Option 6 – $40 / £29

Again I wanted to go for a non make up / skincare option. I choose the Fekkai hair set, I have never used any sort of hair treatments at home so I am interested to see if these work well on my coloured hair.

FabFitFun Autumn Add ons

Each box also comes with a whole load of discounted add ons and this time 4 unhide blankets also fell in my basket – in beige, silver and chocolate whoops! We have 7 now so I think that is enough!

If you haven’t seen these blankets before they are amazing. They come in 2 sizes and are THE softest blankets I have ever felt. It’s like snuggling into a cloud.

I also added on the Beyond Yoga infinity scarf with zip pocket – I always tuck my phone into my scarf so having a pocket is probably a bit more secure.

Lastly I decided to try a weighted eye mask so I will let you know how I get on with that one

FabFitFun Autumn Summary

This was my final box from my Annual subscription. I am going to renew even thought I wasn’t a fan of this box because the other 3 boxes have been great!

Want to join? Get $10 off your first box here

ChrissyJ xxx

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