Fabfitfun Fall Box 2022 (Autumn)

I can’t believe it’s already time for another Fabfitfun fall box! I swear I only had my last one the other day?! The FabFitFun Autumn Box was my least favourite last year so will this years be any better?

What is FabFitFun?

Fab Fit Fun (or fff box as it is shortened too) is a lifestyle subscription box which is issued seasonally featuring beauty, fashion, fitness, and lifestyle products (full-size, no testers here!) with a Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter box each year. The boxes are themed with products to fit the ‘season’ although there is an overlap sometimes of previous boxes products available as add ons while stocks last.

Each box also comes with

An add on sale – where you can add on items without incurring any additional postage charges
Category Add ons – where you have the option to add on a 2nd choice to a category for a small charge (usually $7-15)
Refills – If you really LOVE a product you can add it to your seasonal refills and save money on just buying it in the add on sale.

You can also access the fabfitfun members online community but I only really use it to check out spoilers from the fabfitfun team and don’t spend too much time on there.

How much does FabFitFun cost?

The cost of FabFitFun depends on whether you are an annual (or select member as it is also called) or seasonal. Annual subscribers pay up front for 4 boxes at a time which is slighty cheaper and seasonal pay box by box.

I am on an annual membership and it costs me $240 / £191 per year ($199.99 + $40 UK Shipping for 4 boxes) this is a one off up front cost and you can’t cancel for a refund once you have paid. This works out to just under $20 / £17.50 a month which sounds much more reasonable.

If you don’t want to commit to a year on an annual subscription you can become one of the seasonal members for $54.99 / £44 per box ($64.99 with shipping / Approx £52)

One of the main advantages of being an annual subscriber is you have early access to all the options. It’s quite common for some options to be sold out and swapped for something else by the time the seasonal customisation window opens. You also only get to choose 4 of your options instead of all 6, although I do like surprises I have also really liked being able to really customise my box to what I like.

How does FabFitFun work?

Once you have chosen your subscription, you’ll see a countdown to when customisation opens for your next box. Around 24 hours before this the add on sale will open up to shop.

My biggest tip for this is set an alarm for when this will open and add EVERYTHING you like to your basket as you scroll. You can then go back and remove stuff because by the time you get to the end and scroll back up, chances are the most popular things will be sold out.

I would suggest the same for your customisation, if you can’t choose between 2 options, add them both and make your mind up later. You usually have around 4 days to make changes and add / remove items so don’t worry about needing to build the perfect box first time.

Just make sure you DO log in and double check before customisation closes as you will then be billed for everything in your basket. Again I set an alarm for a few hours before the closing time to remind me to log in. This also gives you a chance to grab anything that you may have missed out on that was showing out of stock but someone else has now dropped from their basket.

What are the fall fabfitfun box choices?

Here is a full visual of the options available in the UK & US the little timer means they are limited supply.

The UK missed out on a few products this fall season including the Vio Air Purifier with Hepa Filter, NARS blush (in the very oddly named shades Taj Mahal, Deep Throat, OR Orgasm X) and The red light therapy Trophy Skin BrightenMD gadget which is alot of the choices! Category 2, 4, 5 and 6 were all the same and Category 3 we missed out on Sugarbear Sleep Deep Vitamin Gummies and Living Proof No Frizz Vanishing Oil no problem there I wouldn’t pick either of those!

What is in my FabFitFun Fall box?

Category 1 – (Surprise me) Mali & Lili Weekender Bag – Retail Value $128.00 / £111

As you can see the UK subscribers missed out on the NARS blush products for our fabfitfun boxes which is what I would have liked to have chosen for my sister. But as this wasn’t available I went with the surprise me option as there wasn’t anything else I particulary wanted.

If I would have had to make a choice it probably would have been this bag, but perhaps the other print.

It’s quite roomy and has an internal zip pocket and removeable shoulder strap. I love bags and have so many one more won’t hurt!

Category 2 – (Surprise me) Gentle Fawn Huntington Scarf – Retail Value $40.00 / £35

We had all the same options as the US for this category I couldn’t decide whether to get the kitchen utensils & silicone mat set. But thought I probably don’t need it and wasn’t 100% I would use it so went for a 2nd surprise me!

The scarf is not what I would have chosen as I overheat even when it’s snowing but it is super snuggly and I don’t think it will be majorly warm its more for looking nice than being practical so it may end up being one of my favorite products

Category 3 – (Chloe’s Pick) Michael Kors Beanie With Pom– Retail Value $48.00 / £42

I got one of these in my FabFitFun Winter 2021 Box and Lottie claimed it so when it came up again Chloe also wanted one! The floppy hat and Free People Carry On Packing Cubes were contenders but I didn’t think I would get enough use out of it.

It’s a really soft stratchy material with the bobble on top, it’s not too thick but it keeps you warm.

Category 4 – (Holly’s Pick) UNITE 7 SECONDS Leave In Detangler – Retail Value $32.50 / £28

Although Holly didn’t choose this it will be for her, she has super long hair and she hates having it brushed. She screams it is hurting her when you barely touch it with a brush so I am interested to try this out.

Category 5 – (Lottie’s Pick) Daily Concepts Daily Hair Towel Wrap – Retail Value $18 / £15.50

This one is for Lottie again with super long hair she hates drying it because it takes forever. Hopefully this will cut down some of the drying time for her.

Category 6 – (My Pick) Kate Somerville Kx Active Concentrates Vitamin B3 + Vitamin C Serum – Retail Value $98 / £85

A high-performance serum clinically formulated to powerfully brighten & improve skin.
With just two drops twice a day, you’ll visibly improve skin tone, texture and clarity, brighten skin, improve the appearance of discoloration and even skin tone.

I nearly fell over at the RRP of this product so I just had to try it! It says to use it twice a day so I’m not sure it’ll last very long as it’s only 30ml I can’t wait to see what difference it makes to my skin’s appearance!

Fabfitfun Fall Box Add Ons

I got these mugs in my 2021 Winter box and I am always so worried someone will break one I ordered 4 spares! They were only $27 (£23) so I am happy now I have some extra ones just incase.

Fabfitfun Fall Box Summary

If you have read any of my other FabFitFun posts you’ll know this is my favourite box, although it sounds expensive because you only get 4 boxes a year, the value is well worth it. It’s also the only brand I know of offering seasonal subscription boxes over a monthly box.

Us UK subscribers do miss out on some choices which is a shame but I still find plenty of things within the box that I use on a daily basis.

If you are looking for a new box / new products to try that are a bit more exciting than just shower gel – Get $10 off your first box (and I get $15 credit too!) by signing up to FabFitFun and let me know if the comments what you get in your first fabfitfun box! (No promo code required just click the link) gift cards are also available.

ChrissyJ xxx

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