FabFitFun Spring 2023 box – Happy 10th Birthday FFF!

The FabFitFun Spring box is celebrating FabFitFun’s 10th Birthday! I have been a subscriber now for around 3 years but I had never heard of them before this so it was surprising to find out they were infact 10 years old.

What is FabFitFun?

FabFitFun (or fff box as it is shortened too) is a lifestyle subscription box which is issued seasonally featuring beauty, fashion, fitness, and lifestyle products (full-size, no testers here!) with a FabFitFun Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter box each year. The boxes are themed with products to fit the ‘season’ although there is an overlap sometimes of previous boxes products available as add ons while stocks last.

Each box also comes with

An add on sale – where you can add on items without incurring any additional postage charges as it will arrive with your box
Category Add ons – here you have the option to add on a 2nd choice to a category for a small charge (usually $7-15)
Refills – If you really LOVE a product you can add it to your seasonal refills and save money on just buying it in the add on sale with choices from toiletries to candles.

You can also access the fabfitfun members online community but I only really use it to check out spoilers from the fabfitfun team and don’t spend too much time on there.

How much does FabFitFun cost?

The cost of FabFitFun depends on whether you are an annual (or select member as it is also called) or seasonal. Annual subscribers pay up front for 4 boxes at a time which is slighty cheaper and seasonal pay box by box.

I am on an annual membership and it costs me $240 / £191 per year ($199.99 + $40 UK Shipping for 4 boxes) this is a one off up front cost and you can’t cancel for a refund once you have paid. This works out to just under $20 / £17.50 a month which sounds much more reasonable.

If you don’t want to commit to a year on an annual subscription you can become one of the seasonal members for $54.99 / £44 per box ($64.99 with shipping / Approx £52)

One of the main advantages of being an annual subscriber is you have early access to all the options. It’s quite common for some options to be sold out and swapped for something else by the time the seasonal customisation window opens. You also only get to choose 4 of your options instead of all 6, although I do like surprises I have also really liked being able to really customise my box to what I like.

How does FabFitFun work?

Once you have chosen your subscription, you’ll see a countdown to when customisation opens for your next box. Around 24 hours before this the add on sale will open up to shop.

My biggest tip for this is set an alarm for when this will open and add EVERYTHING you like to your basket as you scroll. You can then go back and remove stuff because by the time you get to the end and scroll back up, chances are the most popular things will be sold out.

I would suggest the same for your customisation, if you can’t choose between 2 options, add them both and make your mind up later. You usually have around 4 days to make changes and add / remove items so don’t worry about needing to build the perfect box first time.

Just make sure you DO log in and double check before customisation closes as you will then be billed for everything in your basket. Again I set an alarm for a few hours before the closing time to remind me to log in. This also gives you a chance to grab anything that you may have missed out on that was showing out of stock but someone else has now dropped from their basket.

FabFitFun Spring Box Contents

Category 1 – JuneShine Cooler Backpack RRP $60

This was a super easy category choices for me. I can only wear prescription sunglasses, I don’t have an apple watch and I’ve no real interest in skincare items!

This backpack will be perfect for our theme park trips and days out as it is also a cooler bag. IT’s really roomy considering it doesn’t look that big.

Event the front zip pocket is insulated for smaller items.

Category 2 – Katie Kime Melamine Plates RRP $40

These plates looked they would be the perfect pairing with the cooler bag! I did want a few things from this category (The glasses and the candle!) but thought these would be the thing we used the most.

They are sort of a cross between a plate and a bowl so they will be perfect for the kids. They are also dishwasher safe.

Category 3 – Katie Kime 2-Piece Berry Bowls RRP $25

Again there were a few things I wanted from this category. The Hanky Panky thong set had a retail of something ridiculous like $48/£40! I wanted them just to see what the fuss was about but instead went with the more sensible option of these berry bowls.

I did think these were going to be plastic and would be good for Oscar but they are actually ceramic. They are still lovely but probably won’t be letting Oscar loose with them just yet.

Category 4 – 12 Sprinkles Silicone Baking Cups RRP $25

I opted for these from this category mainly because there wasn’t anything I wanted but thought Lottie would love these as she loves baking.

These Sprinkles silicone baking cups will be very well used I am sure.

Category 5 – Mystery Choice RRP ??

There really wasn’t anything I wanted from this category so I risked and went for a mystery products.

They stated this time that it would not be any of the items listed within the category (they said this before and we all ended up with the least popular item from the category!) But I am quote happy with the product I receieved.

As I have just started back running on a Saturday and Netball on a Monday this is exactly what I need for my achey muscles!

Category 6 – Summer & Rose Outdoor Roundie RRP $25

Just to finish off the FabFitFun Spring box I went for the beach blanket in this category. It is massive and you can never have too many beach blankets! It is a sort of microfibre fabric and Oscar has already claimed it as his.

FabFitFun Spring Box Summary

My choices for this box came with an RRP of $187 (£157) if you went with all the most expensive products you could have a box with an RRP of $431 (£361) (but who is really paying $60 for the sack like PJ set?!) I am really happy with my choices but do wish I had grabbed some add on’s now!

ChrissyJ xxx

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