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I love designing new products and when someone asked me for custom Pet ID tags of course I was going to give it a go! 

I have started off with basic tags as she said they can get pretty expensive when you have a cat whole like to lose their collar on a regular basis! 

Depending on the type of pet decides what information is required and what information is optional for your pet tag so we created 2 different sizes to allow you the option for extra information. 

One of the best features of these tags are they are completely waterproof as they are made from acrylic which is a really durable material and the text in engraved so there is no risk of it rubbing off or washing away like printed ink could. 

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Small Pet ID Tags

These tags measure 1.25 inches across and are 3mm thick although I have primarily designed them for cat owners you could also use them for other pets such as rabbits, especially if you have a little houdini on your hands and are often trying to track him / her down. 

It would also be suitable for small dogs however the amount of personal information I can add to your pet’s id tag would be limited due to the small sizes. 

Large Pet ID Tags

The large pet ID tags have been designed with dog owners in mind. The Control of Dogs Order 1992 states your dog must always wear a collar and tag whilst in public. The tag should (as a minimum) have the following necessary information pet owners Name and Address on – most people also choose to have a phone number as this would be important information should someone find your lost pet, they can contact you quickly without having to take them to an animal shelter.

You can be fined up to £5,000 for not following these rules so it is worth not only having a tag for but also spares should you misplace it. Having your dog microchipped is also not a replacement for having a tag on your dog’s collar, these are 2 separate requirements. 

We can accommodate 4 lines of text onto these tags so all the above information can be added.

You do not have to have your pet’s name on here but of course we can add this if you want it.

For example

21, WR2 1EE
07777 777 777

or Jones
07777 777 777 
21 Home Lane

Other Designs

I will shortly be uploading some different shapes for those who want something a little bit different so keep an eye out for those over on our Facebook page

Custom Designs

If you would like me to design unique dog tags specifically for you I am also able to do this just get in touch via the contact form or email address and we can discuss your design requirements and whether this is something I can do. Please note we do not offer metal tags / stainless steel tags at the moment. 

All orders over £35 also qualify for free shipping so why not stock up or order with a friend?For more information you can follow the links below;

This handy guide from the RSPCA covers all of this information in more detail 

You can find out more about exemptions from the site ;

Wearing of collars by dogs

2.—(1) Subject to paragraph (2) below, every dog while in a highway or in a place of public resort shall wear a collar with the name and address of the owner inscribed on the collar or on a plate or badge attached to it.

(2) Paragraph (1) above shall not apply to—
(a)any pack of hounds,
(b)any dog while being used for sporting purposes,
(c)any dog while being used for the capture or destruction of vermin,
(d)any dog while being used for the driving or tending of cattle or sheep,
(e)any dog while being used on official duties by a member of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces or Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise or the police force for any area,
(f)any dog while being used in emergency rescue work, or
(g)any dog registered with the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association.

Hope you have found this useful! 

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This post contains affiliate links where I may be paid a small commission if you choose to purchase – Thank you for supporting my blog!

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