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Last night we had the absolute best night in a long time! Sarah invited Finchy’s Cocktail Bar over to her home to entertain us for a girly night in.

What is Finchy’s Cocktail Bar?

I asked Finchy (owner of Finchys Cocktail Bar) how he came up with the idea for his business and here is what he had to say…

He had his first job behind a bar making cocktails in 2002, and still make’s some of the exact recipes today. He continued doing it as a hobby and for a job, even building a cocktail bar in his flat. So if anybody pays him a visit, they’re likely to get a cosmopolitan instead of a coffee and who would complain about that?

After lockdown, he did a few parties for friends who spread the word to their neighbours and work colleagues. Before he knew it, business cards were ordered, uniforms made and. the Finchys Cocktail Bar business was born!

Oh and his favourite cocktail is an Espresso Martini in case you were wondering…

What Drinks can Finchy’s Cocktail Bar do?

All customers can choose a total of six drinks from the cocktail and shooter lists. With over 100 cocktails and 18 different shots to choose from this may be the most difficult decision you’ve had to make in a while!

The choices include all the following drinks;

Where can I have a party?

Finchy can set up his bar in most places across the UK. All that is required is access to running water (to keep those glasses ready for the next round!) and surface area to lay out the ‘bar’ to prepare your drinks.

Everything is provided – glassware, spirits, mixers, ice, condiments etc – you just need to invite your guests.

Finchy’s Cocktail bar covers all over the UK however there is a travel cost if the location is outside of Redditch and a 50% non refundable deposit is required upon booking.

How much does Finchy’s Cocktail Bar cost?

The price for a 2 hour bar service is £20 per person and that includes 6 choices for unlimited cocktails. We thought this was a great price considering you are unlikely to get more than 2 cocktails for £20 in most bars.

Finchy can even customise the menu and rename the cocktails to suit your event. Want a Chrissy-Colada? or a Jones Iced Tea? No problem, just let him know and a bespoke menu with the renamed cocktails will be provided for your event!

For all bookings the minimum Party Size is 6 and the maximum Party Size is 15. As mentioned above a 50% non refundable deposit is required when you book.

How our night went….

Finchy arrived and started setting up ready to serve the first cocktails at 7pm.

As I mentioned abover Finchy bring everything that is needed for the night including glasses (and coconuts!), the alcohol, the mixers, straws and even the napkins!

Everything was laid out beautifully and at 7pm the fun began!

Our Cocktails of choice

Between us we decided on the following 6 cocktails;

Piña Colada 7.7%
Bacardi, Cream of Coconut, Pineapple Juice

Pornstar Martini 10.6%
Vanilla Vodka, Passoa,
Passionfruit Puree, Mango & Passion Fruit Juice.

Bramble 16.1%
Gin, Créme de Mure, Lemon Juice, Sugar Syrup

Mojito 8.2%
Bacardi, Mint, Lime juice,
Sugar Syrup, Soda Water

Margarita 22.9%
Gold Tequila, Sugar Syrup, Cointreaum Lime Juice

Sex on the beach 7.9%
Vodka, Archers,
Cranberry Juice, Orange Juice

The Piña Colada was INCREDIBLE, honestly one of the best I have ever had. And I can say with some certainty I have had quite a few in my time.

I stuck to Pina Colada’s for the night other than trying one Sex on the beach (I’m not a fan of having a bad head the next day!) but you can have a mixture of whichever drinks you fancy.

Just take your empty glass back up to the ‘bar’ and request your next drink. And repeat for 2 hours!

We has such a great night catching up with old friends and meeting some new ones. The drinks were so good and Finchy was incredibly organised and kept us drink in hand all night!

Book your own event

I can’t wait to book our own cocktail event with Finchy’s Cocktail Bar – You can contact him on Facebook , join the Facebook Group or drop him a message on or give him a call on 07527 000 595

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ChrissyJ xxx

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