Labranda Kiotari Bay Resort Accomodation Review

So this is part 2 of our review of Labranda Kiotari Bay Resort, this one is solely for the accomodation complaint we logged with Tui, you can read about the resort on my other blog post.

I will start by saying Tui did not handle this well and it took us 6 months to get any compensation from them. We regulary use Tui for our holidays and this is not their usual level of service which was very disappointing for us.

But here goes…

Family Duplex Swim Up Suite

Our Hotel Room

When we were taken to our room we were disappointed to find it wasn’t ground floor, which we had presumed (rightly or wrongly) swim up rooms would be. It was up several flights of stairs which wasn’t ideal with a pushchair and 2 small children.

The room itself the pool is shared with the room next door and there were 6 rooms / 3 pools in a row in our area. So we had a bit of privacy as there was a sort of divider that went half way down the pool.


The aircon in the upstairs part of our room did not work, The unit was broken and was missing the flaps on the front, it was also held together with tape. With the room upstairs just being an open balcony to the downstairs part of the room the heat was unbearable and as such we could not sleep upstairs. All 6 of us had to share the 4 single beds downstairs for the duration of our stay.

We reported this ourselves to reception twice and also via our Tui Rep Magdalini. The first time someone came out took one look at it and said he would be back in 10 minutes. He never came back. Noone came out as far as we are aware after we reported it again.


The stairs are very uneven and so slippery with even the slightest amount of water on them. As it was a swim up room and the bathroom is downstairs the stairs were almost constantly wet making it very dangerous.

There were also nails/screws sticking out on the steps. We did report this also and noone came out to look at it.

The bars on the stairs were so far apart our toddler actually put his arm out to save himself when he slipped on the wet stairs and went straight between them.

Luckily I was stood in the hall and caught him. Although the bars were also not attached to the stairs so even if he had managed to grab one I think the whole side of the stair case would have gone with him .

The Bathroom

The doorframes were not attached to the walls – this is the bathroom and the main door was in a similar poor condition.

The shower was barely attached to the wall and you couldn’t use the hooks as again they were hanging off the wall.

More Screws

This was at the head of the bed downstairs and you can see under the beds were not very well cleaned either.

Our bins weren’t emptied for the first few days we were there and were filled with nappies and sanitary products, only after mentioning it to reception were they emptied.


Our Pool ladder wasn’t attached to the wall and the top step was only attached on one side. They did come out and partially attach the step back but it still wasn’t properly repaired. This was the only way in and out of the pool. Our neighbours was also not attached to the wall.

General poor condition

The wardrobe didn’t have any hangers in either which is unusual.


The upper floor had a glass balcony which is not how it was displayed on the Tui site.

In fact this room look to have a beautiful finish, our room was far from it.

The Room

The room we booked on your website states a double bed (it was not, it was 2 single beds, made up as 2 single beds both upstairs and downstairs) and the Sofa was not a sofa bed either it just had a sheet put over the sofa and has a pull out single bed, so again not a double sofa bed either. I know this is often the case however they usually have some sort of topper to ‘create’ a double bed even if they are 2 singles.

The Resort

The resort was ok, it wasn’t very well maintained with broken glass and plug sockets hanging off the wall in public areas.

One of the lights was also hanging off in the pool with the slides

Kids Club

One of the main reasons for booking this resort other than the swim up room was for the kids club.

I’m fairly sure when we booked it didn’t have these limited times listed however they are wrong anyway.

It runs 10am-12pm & 3-5pm Tuesday to Sunday – and consists of them sitting under a gazebo with some colouring in and jigsaws or the ping pong table.

My 4 year old said its the worst club she has ever been too. Our older 2 took one look at it and didn’t even bother to join in as there was nothing suitable for them (10 & 11 years)

Kids Club as advertised on Tui website

First Aid

Our daughter slipped in the entertainment arena and cut her knee, it wasn’t too bad but noone could locate any sort of first Aid kit even though there is a sign next to the arena saying one is kept there. Someone told us they were going to go and find one and 90 minutes later still hadn’t come back.

We did have some other smaller issues which we will feed back to the hotel such as the long wait times for seating at meal times due to the weird way they arrange the seating, the lack of clean plates and also that no aircon was ever switched on in the restaurant.

Getting drinks at meal times was also challenging as sometimes it was table service but they are so short staffed you would struggle to get someones attention. Other times you had to go to the bar where there would be long queues. We’ve never been to an All inclusive that didn’t just have self serve drinks available.

We also had dinner in the Greek restaurant, Sirtaki, and had to abandon our food mid way through as there were just swarms of wasps as there was spilled food and drink under the tables (as the area is just used as an general snack bar in the day time) and the floor obviously isn’t cleaned between.

The lifeguards were also sat around on their phones the majority of the time they were on duty. Thankfully they were not needed in the time we were there.

We also couldn’t have a late checkout even though our transfer wasn’t until almost 10pm – which again was a bit ridiculous because we asked when we checked in, after trying to get through several times on the Tui chat, to be told we had to just ask the night before we check out and they could tell us if this was available.

When we went and asked on Monday night we were told we should have logged with them we wanted a late check out so they could consider it?? Which is what we tried to do when we checked in. They don’t seem to be very organised at all.

We ended up spending most of the day in the reception. Where there were a stream of people complaining about their rooms and general complaints about the resort, so we know we were not the only ones with issues. TripAdvisor is also full of unhappy guests.

And just to top it off both our flights were delayed!

Outbound Flight

Our flight was delayed around an hour and a half meaning we didn’t arrive at our accomodation until 5am (Local time) I understand this is below your compensation threshold but it is still part of our whole experience with Tui and wasn’t the best start to our holiday.

Inbound Flight

And just to finish off our holiday, we weren’t told our flight was going to be delayed several hours even though the pilot confirmed they knew it would be well in advance of us arriving at the airport due to baggage handling issues at Manchester on the previous flight.

If we would have had advance notice we could have prepared for being stuck at the airport for hours in the middle of the night with small children. Thankfull the airport has phone charging stations so we could at least keep devices charged.

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So strangely enough after reading our Labranda Kiotari Bay Resort Accomodation Review, I’m sure you understand I wouldn’t recommend this hotel. We would like to go back to Greece but we will find somewhere else.

ChrissyJ xxx

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