Ginvera Marvel White Marvel Gel Review

I’m lucky that bad skin isnt something I suffer with! But I was looking forward to trying this and so was my son!
It goes on a dry face which is unusual for a face cleaner, you then rub it in and it removes all the dirt and dead skin and you are left with lots of ‘balls’ of yuck! (Pics below)
I5ve been using it every morning for almost a week now and I have seen a definite improvement in the smoothness of my skin and so has my teenage son 🙂

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Marvel White Marvel Gel

Ginvera Marvel Gel is the most popular blackhead treatment in Asia where skin quality is king. It is a very different exfoliant and extractor because there are no abrasive grains, it is gentle enough to use on sensitive, blemish-prone skin but with noticeable results after just one use.

Helps lighten dark spots, pimple marks and scars. Helps clear dead skin for more refined skin. Helps reduce oil seeds. Helps regulate sebum secretion to reduce pimples. Brightens dull complexion. Helps improve dark & rough skin to silky smooth skin. Helps brighten skin as it gives away to new-born skin. Helps to soften & reduce dead skin. Enhances quick absorption of the subsequent skin care products

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