Planting those seeds

After our trip to St Peters Garden Centre we thought we better get some of the seeds planted!
Holly was putting about 10 seeds in each individual well so we will be repotting them pretty soon I’d imagine!

Holly also knocked her tray off about 20 times so she had to keep refilling them and I think we will end up with vegetables sprouting out the lawn the amount of seeds she dropped – guess we will see in a few weeks

They really enjoyed filling up their own rays, planting the seeds and covering them, I did have to write their seed markers or it would have ended up just being a surprise what was growing! I am hoping something grows quickly because Holly was hoping we could have everything for dinner on Sunday!

We planted peas, carrots, parsnips, onions, broccoli and sweetcorn 🙂 Everything is all labeled up we got our seed trays off Amazon and they came with the labels – they are biodegradable so you can just cut them up and plant them out in the cells they are in (I’ll update on how that goes)

Its bank holiday weekend so we are off to the caravan for the weekend let’s hope we get some sunshine as currently it is forecast rain for the whole weekend!

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