Marvel-lous Superheroes!

Oscar is superhero mad! Captain American is his number 1 Marvel superhero with Spiderman coming in a very close 2nd and Hulk coming up in 3rd place.

We were gifted these two super cute plush toys from Simba Toys! We received a Spiderman and Ghost Spider plush.

He was super excited when we surprised him with his very own Spiderman plush toy. Holly grabbed the ghost spider for herself because it is pink and purple.

This was Oscars spiderman pose when I asked him to show off his plush. They both came to the Haven owners end of season party with us!

These Marvel soft toys are really good quality and the glow in the dark eyes continued glowing for quite some time after the lights went out. Holly and Oscar were both absolutely fascinated by them!

Although it has now become another stalling tactic at bedtime because we need to charge the eyes!

Grab you own Simba Marvel Plush from Amazon here : Spiderman , Miles Morales and Ghost Spider

Oscar snuggled up with his Marvel Plush

Oscar has already watched the Spiderman movie that was released earlier in the year, but if you haven’t already seen – the latest Marvel movie ‘The Marvels’ was released on November 10th in cinemas.

Check out the trailer below, get booked in and don’t forget to take your Marvel teddies with you!

ChrissyJ xxx

We were gifted these Marvel Plush toys in return for an honest review.

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