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I thought it was about time I did a post about my other small business – Holly and Ollie! I have always been obsessed with personalised items and own a million things with my name on and I love it!

But I also know, not everyone has a generic name that you can buy in normal shops so I wanted to create items that could be personalised for anyone.

I have a few core products but I can also do custom orders – just get in touch

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Drinks trays / holders

These are available on Etsy here I currently sell them in 3 different sizes.

Standard which has cup holes of 6.5cm and will hold the standard small all inclusive cups
Large which has cup holes of 7.5cm and will hold larger pint size cups
XLarge whic has cup holes of 7.5cm and more space for larger cups with lids

Your tray can be personalised with your name, message even a little emoji. I have a wide range of fonts available or if you have one in mind as long as it is available with a commercial license I can look into getting it for your order (additional costs may be incurred)

Social Media Signs for your business

Another one of my favourite products are the social media signs available in colours to match your business branding. They are perfect for adding to your photos you share on social media.

You can find these over on my Holly and Ollie Etsy store


These little @ social signs are my absolute favourite! go check out @Rhe Creates 😍 and if you want one for yourself follow me and drop a comment below #marketing #smallbiz #supportsmall #crafter

♬ I made it – Emily The Good Twin


I have a wide range of keyring accessories that can be added to a personalised name tag. From Disney characters to pom-poms & wrist straps there is something for everyone.

Grab them on Etsy

Christmas Eve Boxes

Christmas Eve Boxes are available for children, pets and even as family boxes.

Just fill them with your favourite Christmas eve goodies and create your own tradition.

Find Christmas Eve boxes on Etsy

Hip Flasks & Bottle Openers

I can also engrave on hip flasks and bottle openeds. These are perfect gifts for Groomsmen and well anyone who likes a drink!

The hip flasks can be sent in gift boxes for an additional cost

Find them on Etsy

Christmas Tree Family Ornaments

Ok, ok this is the last one I promise! I really thought I would only talk about a couple of things but I love so many of them! These are my new addition to the Etsy store and can be personalised with 1 to 6 individual names along with the family name on the mug

You can find these on my Etsy

I love Tiktok so if you ever want your item being made featured on tiktok just let me know when you order and I will always try and record it if I can.

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Anyway thats my small business – Feel free to come and check it out over on Etsy

ChrissyJ xxx

This post contains affiliate links where I may be paid a small commission if you choose to purchase – Thank you for supporting my blog!

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