Labranda Kiotari Bay Resort Accomodation Review

So this is part 2 of our review of Labranda Kiotari Bay Resort, this one is solely for the accomodation complaint we logged with Tui, you can read about the resort on my other blog post. I will start by saying Tui did not handle this well and it took us 6 months to getContinue reading “Labranda Kiotari Bay Resort Accomodation Review”

Labranda Kiotari Bay Rhodes aka Labranda Kiotari Miraluna Resort

We have just spent a week at the Labranda Kiotari Bay resort in Rhodes and I was having a bit of trouble deciding how best to talk about our experience! It is also known as labranda kiotari miraluna resort. I’ve decided it is probably best to talk about the resort overall here and I willContinue reading “Labranda Kiotari Bay Rhodes aka Labranda Kiotari Miraluna Resort”