Lands End to John O’Groats Virtual Race

Well when I can’t sleep I do some odd things, I buy random stuff on Amazon and I write rambling posts on here. But I have to say signing up to an 874 Mile virtual run has to be the weirdest thing yet!

Breaking it down – It’s almost 17 miles per week – ok doesn’t sound sooo bad, but when you look at my current activity level and realise I actually do around 3.1 miles per week – yikes! What have I signed myself up for??

I am hoping to get fitter, shed some Lbs and maybe even raise a few ££ along the way – I’ll be keeping a diary on here of how I am getting on and hopefully it may even spur a few other people to challenge themselves to push that little bit harder 🙂

My chosen charity is of course 4Louis – Many of you already know we lost our little boy in 2018 and we can never repay them enough for the memories they have given us

I can’t wait to get started tomorrow and share my first update with you all!

Follow all the runners with the #RunLejog2020

Chrissy J xx

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