Lookiero Box 2

Eeek so here is it box number 2!
After getting so lucky with my first box I was worried that box number 2 may not live up to the same standard – but I wasn’t disappointed! I really love just how personalised it is – They really do take the time to read your feedback and check out your pinterest board so definitely take the time to make one!

Check out the unboxing video

And here are all the products
My favourite from this selection is 100% the jeans! They are super soft stretch material and just fit perfect
The shirt comes a close 2nd its silky feel is lovely and I do like the buttons are a little elastic fastening rather than a normal button hole which can cause problems with bigger boobs
The Cardigan has pockets – always a winner in my eyes

The v neck khaki shirt is a lovely soft jersey material unfortunately it is a bit big so this ones had to go back 🙁
Lastly the bag – I wasn’t keen on the metallic material (it said its suede but it didn’t feel like it) and the sparkle just ended up everywhere so unfortunately that has gone back also but I am already looking forward to next months box 🙂

Lookiero Box 2.jpg

Want to give it a go? Get it monthly or as a one off (and you can set your budget too!) Find out more and grab yourself 10% discount off your first box using this link
➡️ http://bit.ly/LookChrissyJ

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