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This month I decided I would try a new box along side my existing subscription for Lookiero. So we have a double whammy of clothing this month with Lookiero vs Stitch Fix.


For those who don’t know Lookiero has been one of my favourites for a while I have had several boxes from them now you can find my previous posts here, here and here. I have found some really lovely items (including my cream and navy stripe cardigan that I virtually live in!) At the moment they do only offer womens boxes.

You can order the boxes as one offs, or have them on a monthly, bi-monthly, or every 3 month auto ship (you are not tied into these and can change at any time) I just have mine on demand as I try to order them ahead of a certain event and add that in the notes so they can tailor my box to what I need. You will pay a £10 ‘stylist fee’ when you order your box but as long as you keep at least one item this is deducted from your invoice.

For this month I told them I wanted some items to wear out for date night with my husband, but I didn’t want ‘dressy’ just something nice and casual but that could be dressed up if I wanted too – I think Kate (my stylist) did a good job, considering how picky I am.

Whats in the box?

The items in my Lookiero box were

Denim Jacket by Only £38

This jacket is really heavy and feels nice quality, it’s been a long time since I had one in my life and I definitely feel like I have been missing out! This ones on the keep list

Flower skirt by Wantit £34.90

The pattern on this really put me off, the style is fine, its really light weight and has a fake wrap/tie detail across the front but I think it makes me look fatter and no-one needs that in their life! This is a no from me.

Fuschia top by Morgan £34

I really loved the colour of this and the buckle detail on the straps but as soon as I held it up I could see if was going to be too short for me, if I were to wear high waist trousers or jeans it might be ok but I prefer hipster style jeans so this one will be going back too unfortunately.

Navy top by Morgan £22

My husband isn’t so keen on this top but I quite like it, its really soft and I like the lace on the shoulders its just a bit different to what I currently have in my wardrobe. This one is a keeper.

Print dress by Majolica £47.90

This is my most surprising like, when I took it out the box I wasn’t so keen on the pattern but when I tried it on I actually really liked the style. The back cut out is cute and it fitted me really well so this one is a surprise keep for me!

Whats the cost?

Total : £176.80
Total if you keep it all £125.10

With Lookiero if you keep everything you get 25% off (and they deduct the £10 stylist fee you pay up front)

Save £10 with your first Lookiero http://bit.ly/2UPyYlx

Stitch Fix

This one has been on my sponsored ad’s for a while now but as I was already using Lookiero I hadn’t really looked into it. But I decided this month I would give it a try so I could compare the 2 boxes. Stitch Fix also has a mens option so I ordered one for my husband too.

So it works in a pretty similar way to Lookiero – you can have a box on demand or subscribe to an auto ship (again no tie in you can cancel or reschedule at anytime) and again you will pay a £10 ‘stylist fee’ when you order your box but as long as you keep at least one item this is deducted from your invoice.

The main difference is the ‘preview’ that Stitch Fix offer you. You don’t have to access it if you prefer a surprise but it’s a nice option to have there if, like me, you are ordering for specific occasions you can quickly choose something and leave notes for your stylist for what else you want to complete the look. This is what I did and I do think the blue Joules chinos go perfectly so she did a great job! My stylist was Indyah.

Whats in the box?

The items in my Stitch Fix box were

Joules – Hesford Crop Chino Navy £44.95

Although I wasn’t sure about these when I got them out of the box, they are ok, they don’t fit me though which is a shame, I was going to return them for an exchange but they don’t have any other sizes available. I decided to keep them as I would lose my discount on the rest of the items if I returned them and I will keep them for when I’ve lost a little bit more weight.

Market & Spruce – Cami Top £30

I chose this top in my preview as I liked the style and pattern (it’s a bit nautical and I love that!) the fit is great and it feels nice and light to wear.

Mauvette – Wrap top jumpsuit £45

Again this was one of my choices, I really liked the pattern, very tropical and it didn’t disappoint, its a great fit and I can’t wait to wear it on holiday next week.

Estella Bartlett– Saddle Cross Bag £55

I did choose this I thought it was black, but its a dark navy which is fine and matches everything else perfectly. It feels really sturdy so hopefully it will last me a while unlike some of my more recent purchases from the high street.

Only – Vegan Lace up Trainers £32

These were a size 5 and I am between a 4 and 5 depending on the shoe, I did manage to swap them for a 4 which was great as they do match everything else. They aren’t a style I would normally go for in trainers but I do like them.

Whats the cost?

Total : £206.95
Total if you keep it all £165.56

With Stitch Fix if you keep everything you get 20% off (and they deduct the £10 stylist fee you pay up front)

Save £15 with your first Stitch Fix http://bit.ly/3gyXuio

Lookiero vs Stitch Fix … the differences

They are both similar in how they operate but I do like the option with Stitch Fix to preview what you are getting (if you choose too) you don’t get this with Lookiero.

Both have a tinder style love it or bin it slider on their sites where you can log in daily and like or bin items that it shows you. This helps the stylist with your selections as the more you do the more they will get a feel for what you like, or don’t like.

Both offer you a discount if you keep the whole box – Lookiero do 25% and Stitch Fix do 20%

Lookiero only do women’s – Stitch Fix offer both men and women’s boxes.

Both charge a £10 stylist fee, which is deducted from your invoice as long as you keep at least 1 item.

Both come with styling cards to give you an idea of how to create a whole look with each item

The Lookiero takes longer to arrive, if I ordered one right now the first available date is 2 weeks away. Whereas Stitch Fix would arrive a week today. Although if you were scheduling a reoccurring box this wouldn’t make so much difference anyway.

Want to watch me unbox both my Lookiero and Stitch Fix?

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Lookiero vs Stitch Fix … the winner is…

I have to say I think this month my winner is Stitch Fix, this could be beginners luck as it is the first box I have had from them and my first 2 boxes with Lookiero were my favourite with them too.

I have already ordered another one of each to arrive mid September so I will be sure to let you know how I get on with those also.

There will be a link below to my husbands Stitch Fix box when I can pin him down to try it on and take some photos for me!

Fancy trying them out?

Save £10 with your first Lookiero http://bit.ly/2UPyYlx

Save £15 with your first Stitch Fix http://bit.ly/3gyXuio

Let me know if you order either box and how you get on!

ChrissyJ xxx

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the average price for a stitch fix box?

The boxes really vary in value. My cheapest was around £150 and I have had one over £300 (with the 25% discount applied) It depends on the sort of items you have requested.

How long do you have to return a Lookiero?

You have 5 days from delivery, you can ask for an extension of 3 days if you need too.

Can I cancel Lookiero?

Yes there is no minimum subscription requirement. You can have them delivery regulary or have one off boxes.

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