New Whatsapp feature

A new feature appeared on my Whatsapp this week – have you spotted it? This new whatsapp feature allows you to send images and videos that can only be viewed once.

Obviously this isn’t a new feature overall as Snapchat is a whole platform built on this exact style of messaging however it is only images and videos that can currently be sent like this on Whatsapp. And it is also only available to some users, but is quickly being rolled out across the board so look for an update in your play store / app store if you don’t have it yet or don’t have auto updates enabled on your device.

New Whatsapp feature

As with anything you send or post on Social media – please remember anything can be screenshot and shared even when using this new feature so be mindful before sharing anything using this that you wouldn’t want shared. If the recipient has auto save on it will also still save to their camera roll.

To use this feature just choose the image you want to send and tap the little 1 in the circle to the right of the add a caption bit. This will then send the image and allow it to be viewed once, it will then just show as opened and the recipient won’t be able to click into it again.

I have written more about this over on my Biz Blog OhSoBizzy.

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